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Originally Posted by minuteman781 View Post
I have been playing the game successfully for 6 weeks with NO errors. I received my first error 5 days ago. I have a 64 bit OS I have a ATI radeon 3000 with 2 Gigs of video memory, I also searched the forums for my error and found nothing, I do appreciate you brain storming on why this might be happening so Thank you very much!
Try re-installing the drivers:


NOTE: This will reset all your game settings:
Find the Star Trek Online folder and do a search for Gameprefs.pref
(It may find more than one)
Rename them to Gameprefs.old
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I've seen a similar error, but only when I have DirectX 11 enabled in the options. I seem to get a Direct3d error after about an hour to two hours of play. If I set it to DX9, I never see an error.
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i don't think this has to do with any thing with the hardware i think it is from the new patch they did since i was playing this game fine with no problems for 4 months already and this just start to happen after i let the patch update since i got this fatal error: direct3d driver returned error (e_outofmemory) while creating a texture. and also telling me low virtual memory and ram when i have 32 xp ram 3g and upgraded my graphics card to amd radeon HD 6450 and with a processor dual cor amd opteron 180. and i know my system can play games since i can play black ops on it with no problems. so i think the developers need to figure out what mistakes they made in the new patch since to many people are getting this type of error heck it even is happening in champions online.

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