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# 1 just one Andorian. Which one?
06-26-2013, 07:30 PM
Going to get one but not the whole pack. just a single. Question is which one?

Andorian Kumari Escort to me just looks toooo Tactical

Khyzon - looks the better option so far if just getting one?

Charal looks like the least Flexable to me.

Any feedback on the consoles? Reading the descriptions none look that special.
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# 2
06-26-2013, 08:20 PM
My understanding is that the Kumari console is the best of the 3. The Dispersal Array can get an insane amount of single hit damage out of the Wing Cannons. Haven't heard much about the Khyzon console (and it may be very weak with Power Insulators skill as it is), but the Wing Cannon Platforms seem to be unimpressive. Of course, if you opt for any damage type other than Phaser you'd want to dump the Wing Cannons so you won't get anything out of any of the consoles.

In terms of the ships themselves, the Kumari is tough to keep alive because it's short on non-Tac boff slots, the Khyzon and Charal don't have that problem, and are pretty much standard escorts with an extra fore weapon, so you're just picking whether you want 2 extra eng consoles or 2 extra sci consoles (you'll want to make the boff layouts the same). Personally, I'd take the sci consoles.
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# 3
06-26-2013, 08:22 PM
If I had to pick, I'd go with the engineering one, just because it has a bit more survivability to it.

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# 4
06-26-2013, 08:43 PM
Well it depends on what you want...

Glass cannon with a lot of potential firepower? Kumari (Phaser Dispersal Array)

I use the Charal because I like the console layout... it doesn't shirk on survivability or firepower.

I am not sure about the Khyzon, but it does have the potential to field 3 Field Generators and a Shield Emitter amplifier.

As a stand alone ship, I would take the Charal or Kumari. Though I also suggest getting the 3-pack because of the passive bonuses.

From the Dev Blog:

"The two-piece set bonus grants Synchronized Targeting, a passive bonus to Accuracy.

The three-piece set bonus is Wing Cannon Synergy. This allows the player?s deployed Wing Cannon Platforms to benefit from the player?s special cannon abilities such as Cannon: Rapid Fire, Cannon: Scatter Volley, and the special attacks provided by the Tachyon Induction Relay and Phaser Dispersal Array consoles."
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# 5
06-27-2013, 04:31 AM
I've got the Khyzon and it's been fun. I mostly use universal consoles so the layout for me doesn't matter that much.

The Boff layout is very good for tanking... as much as you can tank in an escort.
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# 6
06-27-2013, 04:45 AM
I went with the charal. I felt it had a great boff layout, lt eng, lt uni.

Plus, the wing cannon platforms effectively give you 6 fore weapons (even if they don't fire often)

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# 7
06-27-2013, 05:02 AM
The Charal (engineering) is the best all-round escort, with the best Boff layout.

Essentially you lose a turret and gain a DHC.
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# 8
06-27-2013, 05:43 AM
I went for the Kumari Class. Very nice escort. I prefer offence to defence. I find the Kumari class to be ideal. I don't use the wing cannons as often as I should. But even without these with just Dual Heavy Cannons up front the Kumari deliveres a devestating broadside.
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# 9
06-27-2013, 07:15 AM
I have the 3 pack, and the Kyzon is the best, IMO.

If you are only getting one, then the consoles are a non issue. I assume you simply will not use it, and use a more general purpose console. PvE I whole heartedly disagree that the console set is bad. I've seen my wing cannon platforms pull in 15% of my DPS when I've been flying well enough to keep them alive the whole time. Of course, I typically fly a carrier so I am used to dealing with pets. Wing cannon platforms are easier to keep alive then most pets, as they stick by you. So long as you can stay out of warp core breaches for 3 minutes you can typically keep constant uptime on them. They become decidedly less useful if you are not running the entire set, tho.

The Kumari is nice, but it really locks you in. You get 5 tac consoles, but you are forced to take a torpedo or beam. While I often enjoy the utility that having a torp in the mix can give you, I consistantly get more raw DPS from the Kyzon, because her boff layout accepts a 5 DHC+DPB:3 loadout.

While on the topic of boff layout, the Kyzon beats the snot out of the Charal. Easily the most flexible of the 3. A Kyzon can mimic the tac heavy layout of the Kumari, the Eng heavy layout of the Charal, and a unique sci heavy layout that only she can have. With the proliferation of universal consoles and the relative strength of sci consoles versus eng consoles, the Kyzon wins in console layout as well.

With some points in Flow Capacitors, the Kyzon's console is not horrible in PvE by itself. It reliably will take a shield facing down with it and your DHC's. The cooldown is rather long at 3 minutes, tho. Most of the time I would swap it for an Isometric charge if I knew I would get some good grouped targets to hit with it. The Andorian consoles really are best as a set, where they turn your wing cannon platforms into essentially a 6th DHC. Without the 3pc I'm not sure I could justify using either of the single consoles, so the become a non issue if you only want to get one.
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# 10
06-27-2013, 07:24 AM
If you have to buy one:

Kumari is a pubbie trap, Sci ships & their powers are limited, i found the Charal to be best of all.

I bought the three pack, stupid me, if i have to fly one it's the Charal and i dump the Andorian "special" weapons.

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