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I apologize if this question has already been answered (if so, I would greatly appreciate a link to the thread), and would be very greatful for any assistance that can be provided. I am considering becoming a Gold member, but have concerns about whether I will get all the benefits Gold members are stated to receive because all of my characters are at max level (Vice Admirals and Lieutenant Generals). Specifically, the benefits that are stated as being tied to leveling your captains (additional BOFF slots, inventory, bank space/inventory, and retrain tokens). If I subscribe, will my maxed characters receive the same number of slots (and be given the retrain tokens) as if I had leveled my characters while subscribed, or will they remain at pre-subscription values (or some position in between)? Thanks in advance for any and all assistance on this topic!
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07-16-2012, 09:49 PM
Banks (inv/bank bank) and boff slots are retroactive for your 50 toons.

You'll get the EC cap removed while you're gold.

But no retrain tokens. Only awarded when leveling up.
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