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I couldn't stand up. I saved all of my dilitium I earn in STF and daily mission to get Qin Raptor. Now I got it. But...
How to set up it? I know I'm a sci but I would like it has much dps like a defian
Does anyone have idea?
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07-09-2012, 08:43 AM
Science on a Raptor is tricky since all the fancy stuff you can teach your BOFFs are too high tiered for what the Raptor offers.

For your meager Science BOFF slots, at least have Polarize Hull somewhere, and PH1 is more than sufficient for tractor beam protection. What you pick for your 2nd one is up to you. Myself, I put in Hazard Emitters for a minor HOT which is nice since it does not involve me using Engineer Team to offset the timing of Tactical Team. Some put in Transfer Shield Strength to give an extra boost to shields. Some put Jam Sensors to allow some sort of temporary escape. It really depends.

For your Science captain's abilities, you have some leeway.

Sensor Scan's resist debuff is nice, and doesn't care what direction the target is at, not to mention teammates will benefit from the debuff. Lots of room for proper usage, whether to boost the opener, or to help finish someone off.

Scattering Field's great to save for when the opposition's energy heavy attacks are alot, and nearby allies can make use of the protection. Same thing with Science Fleet.

Subnucleonic Beam? I tend to save that for targets that have alot of buffs on. Use it and watch all those buffs disappear, not to mention getting that chance to increase the ability cooldowns. I tend not to use SNB at immediate engagement unless there's alot of nearby offense that will benefit from you stripping away all kinds of buffs on that target right away. Otherwise, I save and time SNB use for a critical moment in a target's ability rotation.
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07-10-2012, 05:31 PM
OH fiestyfawn u are such rascal!!


How do you keep getting in these messes? Anyway ships like the raptor or the siege or the anything but a Bird of Prey get set up in fairly standard fashion. The bridge officer stations are set. So it has a Tactical heavy build. That link shows an all aoe version for grinding STF or doing pve mission in general. You can get the high level boff power from the jem hadar mission for torpedo spread 3 and the exhchange for volley 3.


and there's a good escort thread.

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