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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
The problem with the VoQuv is that it was supposed to be the 'heavy carrier' when it came to pets. The BoP's were once the heaviest alpha strike damage pets.

Not anymore.

Its why I say that the Fleet VoQuv should lose 1 fore and 1 aft weapon bay and gain 2 more hangars. Give the cow pet firepower rather than useless hull/shield HP and an extra console.
No, no, don't do that. . .'cause then the Feddies will stomp their feet and demand their own version of it, without the nerfing.
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I suppose I haven't put huge amounts of time into the Vo'Quv, but the extra forward weapons slot and the superior turn rate (12 degrees for me after skills) makes the Karfi something you can do more damage in and get in or out of combat easier with too.

Just my play style I guess.
heh, can't blame you there, it is a lumbering behmoth of a thing. Which is one of my pet peeves with the sci heavy build. Don;t get more wrong, have acess to 2 of each Ensign and LT power is great for covering sheild tanking bases and hull healing for bleedthrough. And the Siphon i stick in the Lt Cmdr slot is great, but the Cmdr ability allways feels like a waste. I eithier have to fire it off at targets of opportunity, which is pretty sub-optimal, or leave it on cooldown for when i can get that perfect shot on somthing really need it on.

Sure there are ways of getting that bow around in a hurry, but they're allways an emergancy meashure.

Dosen't help of course i'm built for tanking, so i can';t play ye old dual beam banks and barely moving trik to keep my bow pointing where i want it. I have to keep moving and that puts me at a near permanant side on angle. In fact i find the Vo'quv happioer to remain perfectly side on to my opponmnents than any other ship i've flown. I have to really baby the assault cruiser around to stop myself accidently overturning and masking the aft batteries.

Thats said when combined with the plasmonic leech consle it by far and away the best tanky science ship in the game. Put all flow capacitors in those science slots and you get one hell of a ship. I'm getting 25 extra power for every system from that ATM, and might be able to puch it to 30. That lets me get everything but engine power >100. And even engine power sits nice and high. 6 beams is nearly ideal, (with the leech you could run 7 and actually see a DPS boost, but 6 isn't very far behind). And having >100 weapons and Aux makes for some very solid threat and heals. Not to mention EPtS lets me cap sheild power for good resistances.

If only Feedback Pulse didn;t trigger the Transfer global cooldown it would actually be a perfect ship IMHO.

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