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# 1 The D'weh Campaign series
12-10-2014, 10:44 AM
Hello STO Community and Fellow Foundry people.

I have a series out that needs plays. It’s called The D’weh Campaign. It’s a three part series which takes place just before the Solanae Dyson Sphere is discovered and is one of the last battles of the Federation/Klingon War.

In this series, you must lead Starfleet forces in an offensive to capture strategically vital Klingon star system.

The D’weh Campaign Act 1 is available in the general Foundry and is designed for fighters.
The D’weh Campaign Act 2 & Act 3 are available in the Review Content.

The whole story leads to a final epic battle with the Klingon Fleet in which the fate of thousands of Starfleet Officers rest on you.

There are also special appearances of DJ Lovelyss of Radio Free and DJ Grom from Subspace Radio.

You'll find plenty of space and ground combat here. I've made things a bit unbalanced for the sake of challenge. There is also noncombat scenes. Players should have fun with this one.

I worked hard on it as do all Foundry authors. I hope some of you play it.

This is a Federation mission.

Handle: @patcrow

Thanks for your time.

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