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# 1 On a New Year's Night
11-30-2014, 08:14 AM
Seasonís greetings everyone! The most silly holiday mission On a New Yearís Night is now open for testing. This testing period will last until December 7th or if it reaches 5 plays as I will be adding some finishing touches, most of which will be based on any feedback, before it officially releases on a certain, special day (hint: itís before the new year).

Name: On a New Yearís Night
Author: starfarertheta
Faction: Federation
Level: Any

Now comes that time when Earth's traditional "New Year" is observed in celebration of surviving yet another cycle around the ongoing nuclear explosion commonly called the Sun/Sol/That Big Fiery Thing. The food is actually quite good on these occasions, especially the chocolates but I digress...

For this year's celebrations, you have been requested by Starfleet to attend one of these celebrations on the paradise world of Risa. Yes, its an Earth holiday not hpappening on Earth, but nobody was going to throw away an excuse to celebrate yet another holiday there.

Your mission, to see that the event runs smoothly. Oh by the way, Happy New Year!

- 30 minutes or less in length.
- Silliness.
- Floater enabled.
- Has a tree.
- Takes place on a single map.

Head to the Risa System to begin this mission.

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# 2 Changing Plans
12-07-2014, 05:28 PM
Original plan: ...This testing period will last until December 7th or if it reaches 5 plays...

I've decided to just leave this one up. There really isn't that much more I can do with it, as it turns out.

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