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07-02-2012, 04:37 PM

Q1 2012 (May 29, 2012)

Three Months Ended (March 31, 2012)

Net Income (USD) - $33,320,631.

As for Cryptic? I dunno. Hope they hired a QA staff. These little bugs need to get stomped out. Damned windows closing other windows.
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07-02-2012, 04:50 PM
they use the money to help run game
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Ummm ....
1) Pay the bills
2) Make profit as a business
3) Whatever they want
4) None of your business really
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Also just as a FYI, those numbers are for PW as a whole, not just STO.
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They take your money and swim around in it like they were Scrooge McDuck. Then, while giving back rubs to each other using $100 bills they share a laugh at the overuse of the phrases "slap in the face", "ignores the KDF" and "breaks canon".

They're very jolly at Cryptic.
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They invest it in all sorts of expenses to keep developing it.

There are enough people who really like the game, who think the DOff system was spot-on, who really expect the starbases, and mostly stay away from the forums because they actually PLAY THE GAME instead of asking irrelevant questions.

Besides, what do you care what they do with the money? You know all the stores that sell all sorts of Star Trek stuff? DVD packs, All-Q-episodes pack, reorganized 0.1% better sound DVD, soundtracks, action figures, wobble heads, etc. What do they do with the money? Do they invest it in the future of Star Trek? does it prevent you from buying these stuff?

I find this game to be immensely enjoyable, and while I do like story content (which is why I play Foundry missions), I also enjoy non-story activities - especially when playing with other people (it is, after all, an MMO and not a single-player game). I notices many of my in-game friends don't actually play story-based content. Even when the new FE went out, they just skimmed through it as fast as they could to get the set/DOff/BOff/whatever because "I have x toons to run through this within one/two hours because then we are having a PvP/STF/PvE action". I'm not saying most of the people are like this, but apparently they are a good portion of the playerbase according to my personal experience and what the devs said in several podcasts.

So, all these "side-activities" (DOffs, STFs, 5/20-men PvE, starbases), which are actually main activities in many MMOs, seem to be the right way to go, especially considering S7 is planned to be more story-based.

As a side-note, I find STO and CO to be much more fun than many other games I tried including DCUO and SWTOR. Something about Cryptic games just make me relate to the toons and want to log on every few days and do stuff with them (and I always find what to do). I got bored of DCUO after several hours, and SWTOR was just burdening in a way - after going through the first parts of the plot I just had to hop on STO and relax for a bit.

Just my opinion... LLAP
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PWE roll massive joints with all the cash and then laugh whole heartedly at our stupidity.....

It is literally better to simply set fire to it yourself and enjoy the light show
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Orion girls and Kitracel white.
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They start out by paying for this

And they hire a few of these

Buy a a lot of these

then after all of that and they have their profits they pay for this

to Shelter these

and he of course has to pay for this so he can get back and two between all of the above and get to this on those nights he works late.

While at the same time taking the aformentioned these Here Here and Here

hope that answers that question 8)
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While it seems that many of you hit the nail on the head, I am not surprised that Cryptic produces 85% Gross Profit. I do not think it is fair to blame PWE because these problems existed even what Cryptic was owned by Atari.

Simply put, I feel the employees are too highly paid for the work that they do and the effort they put in. Not saying this game is bad, its just maybe if a few of them can use that enormous profit, stop creating lock boxes and actually employ a few more people to knuckle down to work. Then this game could be past good and be exceptional.

Again, this is not a flame laden critique, this is just saying that I feel content upgrades are just not good enough to compete with other well established MMO's such as EvE or WoW. Before anyone says, Cryptic is smaller...

CCP, the founders and creators of EvE Online were a much smaller company then Cryptic when they started out but they paid attention to their player base and are not the second biggest MMO company in the world.

What I am saying is STO COULD be this, will it be... probably not and why is that. Because I believe and this is my opinion, the Dev's are lazy and not committed to Star Trek like the actual hardcore fans of the series of which I would count myself as one. Basement and all

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