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*spreading a bit word of mouth*

5 Episodes are out so far *like*

if anybody with a Nielson Box reads this, give this one some ratings!

And nope this is not another cheap CGI show like Caprica with out of place CGI robots and CGI backgrounds or Terra Nova, where you think that your Xbox could render better Dinosaurs than that.
The CGI in this one is well placed and looks like it 100% belongs.

*hope this one gets more than the usual 13 Episodes*
good sign: it isn't on FOX or SyFy
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# 2
07-02-2012, 02:01 PM
Looks interesting and with Master Bra'tac! Too bad I'll probably not get to see this for at least a year or two here in Ireland.
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# 3
07-02-2012, 02:09 PM
its awesome and whats her name is awesome as an out of time cop

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07-02-2012, 02:12 PM
just became familier with showcase due to "Lost Girl" do like that show. Is it just a canadian channel? Either way looks like I'll check to see if they can be viewed there
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07-02-2012, 04:31 PM
It's trash, in every respect. The characters are one-dimensional and unsympathetic, the story is so lacking in depth it barely merits being equated with a puddle, and the writers seem to have entirely missed the point of dystopian cyberpunk.

The lead character is...well, I'm struggling to see how I'm supposed to get behind a corporate enforcer who uses excessive force, torture, and psychotropic drugs on suspects as a matter of course, who does so in the service of a dictatorial corporate regime, and while doing this is euphemistically known as a "Protector". And no, throwing in the odd non sequitur flashback scene to try and play the "I miss my son blub blub" card is not enough to make up for her other obvious deficiencies.

Playing opposite the person we are supposed to be rooting for are Liber8, and the writers go to great pains to make it so obvious that these are the "baddies" that it gets ridiculous. What could have been a nuanced, interesting, complex group of people with motivations and ethics which challenge the viewer are instead portrayed as thugs, hypocrites, and moustache-twirling silent movie villains. I mean, they have a scene where these guys literally threaten to casually murder a baby.

At times, the show even borders on becoming an attempt to persuade the viewer that living in a corporate dictatorship isn't so bad afterall; in order to "set the scene" for Liber8, we see a group of people conversing, discussing them, and one(the chap who plays Zolenka in SG:A) attempts to make a point which almost approaches a considered intelligent and nuanced opinion; he is immediately dismissed as a liberal ivory-tower academic by one of the other people there, and then Liber8 blow up a building in what is obviously supposed to be an "OMG LOOK FUTURE 9/11" moment. Seriously there are times I think this show was written by a panel of Fox News pundits.

I gave it five episodes, that's half the first season, and I won't waste one more second on such complete dross. I recommend nobody else do either.
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