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Note: I dont go on Tribble, even when I was gold.
For the sake of less arguing and future planning, Im hoping ALL the projects and goals are fully visible right out of the gate. No unlock X to see what is needed for Y crap.

Meaning, even if Im not in a fleet, I want to see what ALL the progress chains are. Nothing should be hidden from anyone. So, even single players should be able to see what all the goals and progress paths are. That way they cant be lied to about what amount of resources it really takes to get X Y and Z. Im not saying Im in a fleet like that, but I could see where it could get abused. I dont run the fleet Im currently in, but I would like to window shop all the amenities the fleet starbases have to offer and what it will take to get there and how long. That way fleets can plan. Also, single players not really in a fleet can see what the path to achieving say a Sovereign god ship is, and will know what materials they need to bring to a prospective fleet, or start one of their own. Fleets may divide up what each member should bring, but if they cant see what the real resource requirement is, they could be lied to to bring x amount over what is needed when the load is divided up by say 5 people.

Im going to be really ticked if its all hidden or only the fleet leader can see certain things, or one player, without the min req to start a fleet, cant see what all is involved in maxing out a starbase eventually. This system is already going to cause some fights Im sure, please devs make EVERYTHING fully visible, just greyed out, so every player can see whats involved to achieve x y and z and cant be lied to.
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07-01-2012, 06:32 PM
I am on Tribble so I can learn the system. this is a good news Bad news type answer.

good news, yes you can see what the rewards for each tier are before you get there. All the way to max level. Bad News Only the currently active projects allow you to see what is needed for that project. It takes about 10 or more completed projects to complete each tier, and each project takes about 20 hours, Plus the time to earn the Fleet marks and other items needed for the project.

Good news All Fleet members can see what is needed for each project. Bad news Only fleet members can see this info. So Solo players can not see the info unless they join a fleet. (I tried to see it before I got in a fleet and it wouldnt let me.)

So thats the good news bad news answers. As for the rest. Contributing to the projects is a first come first served deal. If you dont contribute to the projects you can not earn the fleet credits (FC) needed to make purchases from the fleet stores. If a Project has all requirements met then nothing else can be added till the next project begins. So Stockpiling in a fleet bank is GOING to cause problems in a fleet. Some one will pull up the interface see it needs X amount of Y item, and then pull out ALL of that item from the Fleet bank. Deposit everything they can. No one else will be able to deposit and the first player gets all the FC for that project.

One other thing to consider is the Fleet Leaderboard. It keeps track of the amount of FC's earned by the Fleet members. and gives you a ranking based on the amount of FCs earned.

This I can see being the biggest problem.

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07-02-2012, 07:40 AM
Yeah the first come, first serve was a pretty bad idea....I can see a ton of exploits with that.
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07-02-2012, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by nyiad View Post
Yeah the first come, first serve was a pretty bad idea....I can see a ton of exploits with that.
Yep, once i saw that was how it worked on tribble I could see that there would be problems.

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07-02-2012, 09:27 AM
Aye the way contributions are made is going to cause the biggest problems from what I have seen.

There need to be a central fleet resource bank all members can deposit resources in so there is a fair distribution of fleet credits'
Even if the deposits are capped but regular in nature.

The fleet commanders can restrict fleet members from selecting the next projects this by default means the other fleet members cannot even see the next Q'd project and so have to mail everyone its resource needs.

That said this is its only a draft of the system on tribble.
The Devs are actually working 2-3 versions ahead of that one so we shall see what occurs.
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07-02-2012, 09:28 AM
Can someone post the rewards? Hoping for mark 12 consoles or mark 12 non Borg weeps......
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07-02-2012, 09:34 AM
Yep - of everything I've seen (most of which I think is good) - the first come first serve contribution system is IMO not a good method as it will allow for certain cliques within a fleet to monopolize Fleet Credit generation and as a result, will make a lot of what is 'provisioned' into the Fleet store unobtainable for some members who come in, WANT to donate (and earn Fleet Credits); and find that everything is full, and no further donations can be made.
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07-02-2012, 09:58 AM
This is just going to cause Fleet Banks to become very empty of the needed resources...

There's no sense in putting them in the FB for someone else to get credit for.

It means "Stocking-Up" for anybody in a large Fleet will be either holding stuff in ones own bank until one can get to an available 'Donate Window' at the appropriate time or not bothering.

I can see Fleet Leaders letting their 'Friends' know ahead of time what project they are going to pick and making it so that only the "Privileged" will gather the most spending points, by being the first to get to the UI when the project is initiated.

My Fleet of One+Alts is looking better & better all the time.

I'm hoping that when They finally add the DOff part of this back to Tribble, it will be possible to earn the necessary "Buying" points for folks who aren't online all the time and don't get to donate to the projects.

I think They need to make it possible for Fleets to be able to have several "Already Done Repeatable Project Slots" so that folks in the fleet who aren't 'First-in-Line' can get a chance to acquire the Fleet Ships.
Have only four New project slots, but also have four or more slots that can only be used for projects that have already been done once, that way large fleets could always be sure to have a project in the pipe-line for members that haven't acquired a ship/item yet.

I think They should also make it so that players can only get ONE of each of the Fleet Ships at a time... (though this may already be the case)... so folks who are in-game a lot don't hoard ships to make a 'killin' on the exchange... (though again, this may not be possible if the ships are tagged as Unique Bound or Unique Account Bound)
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07-02-2012, 10:06 AM
I am still getting to grips with the FSB UI on tribb but it does show rewards obtainable at certain levels on the fleet base upgrade.

Consoles, weapons, equipment along with the fleet ship versions are all there and can be available at what the devs are calling ultraviolet level.

Or as I like to call it bad asp level.

The fleet ships can be viewed via any of the shipyards on tribb.

And for a flavour of what's to come priority one pod cast did a special with Al the Dev on upcoming ships this is well worth a listen as it has lots of info it can be found in the news section of the STO home page.

What a fleets store can provide will be determined by the way the Fleet star base is upgraded.
This is done vis the projects selected and completed.

This brings me to the very real concern brought up by crypticcarmsman above above.
About cliques in fleets benefiting more from the resource and fleet credit generation.

I think that will invariably happen and many players will be relegated to just grinding fleet marks for S6.

Also there is a very real chance that controlling groups will upgrade the star bases to provide what they want most not what the majority may want.

I will hasten to point out Most fleets are very fair and open and will discuss the way forward with their members.

So I believe this will be self regulating in a way.
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07-02-2012, 10:17 AM
A central fleet star base resource bank would mean that you get your fleet credits when you deposit resources.

It would need to be limited to an extent to stop the potential exploiting.
example being 200 fleet marks 2000 dilithium 20 date samples 1000 BOXP etc

and regular in nature daily for example.

The projects are funded from this resource bank meaning no one get credit for other peoples gaming.

This would go a long way giving everyone a fair crack at getting the fleet credits needed for the goodies later on.

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