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I'd really like if this ability could be tweaked a little to make it more reliable.

Very often when calling the support ship, it warps in, but quickly just vanishes after just 5 seconds.

I imagine this is because it does not find a valid target to attack. Often this happens if there are definitely enemy ships inside the 10 km range. It might be that this ship only attacks an enemy who deals damage to the player ship.

But why does it have to disappear so quickly? wouldn't it be possible to have it escort the play for a certain amount of time like a pet? say 3 mins should be enough to find a valid target.

This ability as it is now can be very disappointing as you need to be under 50% hull strength and then your support also potentially doesn't even help you.

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07-05-2012, 01:03 PM
I agree..

But from 5 secs to 180 secs? Maybe 30 would do.

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