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I was once more browsing through the new fleet additions to the shipyard and suddenly I noticed that the FLEET named Scourge retrofit has 9 consoles and costs 20 000 Fleet credits with the provisioning form while the ONLY retrofit scourge has the 10 consoles and better stats yet costs only the 200 000 Fleet credits.

Shouldn't the names and the prices be vice versa?

All other ships with 2 versions have the better one (1 console more and hull, shield buffs) named FLEET and costing 20k Credits and the requisition form (or provisioning, or whatever), while the one only brought level with Tier 5 without buffs costs only Fleet credits.

And to another topic: great daily with the officer of the watch.

And another note while I'm writing something: Wouldn't it be less messy to divide fleet ground weapons by damage type in addition to the Rifle/Pistol/Assault division?
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