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07-05-2012, 02:22 PM
If you're going to play more of a support role with your carrier, you could take Attack Pattern Delta 1 and 2 to buff people when they start taking focused fire and it will debuff everything that shoots them. You could also take Attack Pattern Beta 1 and 2 as it will increase your damage on your target, but also increase the damage from all of your fighters and teammates and anything else that's damaging your target (friendly NPCs, map hazards, etc.).

With such an abysmal turn rate, you should probably stay away from anything that has a 45 degree field of fire, because you'll have trouble keeping your nose on anything that isn't sitting still. Of course, there are situations where many of your targets will be doing just that, so you might carry different weapons in your inventory to take advantage of those situations. Regular cannons with their 180 degree field of fire are much easier to keep on target, since you need to worry less about keeping it in front of you and worry more about keeping it from getting around behind you. It is for this reason that some science skills will be more easily deployed than others. Things like Gravity Well and Tyken's Rift require you to face your target, but Energy Siphon has 360 targetting. Again, different tools for different applications and different situations.

With such a slow-turning ship, you would normally benefit from maintaining further distances, as a short turn of your nose makes for a lot of distance out at 10km, but your cannons and turrets would experience degraded performance with increased distance, encouraging you to move in closer to attack. There will probably be many times where your carrier will spend most of it's time in close combat actually going in reverse, just to keep things in front of your ship while allowing you to keep some speed going for maneuvers. Just remember, it doesn't matter how awesome the DPS is on a weapon if you can't actually shoot it at your target, and the more seconds you spend not shooting it at your target, the lower that "S" multiplier gets.
I use a Vo'Quv as an Engineer also, I think its best to just go with 6 beam arrays. I use GW frequently in STFs, and its not hard to open with GW then turn and broadside. If GW comes up again and you aren't facing your target and want to use it sometimes there is another nearby target to switch to, or just shift your speed almost all the way down and use evasive manuvers to qucikly turn and face your target and GW.

As a carrier you accelerate slow, and will often be fighting at long range, cannons and turrets don't work good past 5k, so beams are the way to go, but the carrier doesn't have the turn rate for DBB.

Don't listen to the guy saying he is sorry you bought the Voquv because its a big slow target, some people just don't know how to play carriers. With my eng in a voquv I am frequently at the or near the top in damage and kills in arena pvp, while still leading the team in heals to since I use heals in every sci slot I can, and I die less due to being able to tank like a cruiser. I frequently get comments in zone from the other team saying stuff like "damn carrier", and in STFs commenting how fast I bring gates down.

You should just make sure to use 2 hangars B'rotlh Bird of Prey refits from the dil store. Make sure to keep them recalled when before you start a fight so they stay cloaked and don't attack the wrong target. Then when you are within 15k click attack mode, and close range to 10k yourself so you can support with fire, the BOP usually should be hitting the right targets, if not you can always switch to their target and kill it off quickly it won't last very long against the games most damaging carrier pets. Also you can click recall mode then attack mode again to help get them on target. Relaunching more BOP during combat also helps make sure they are on target.

Anyway, having pets isn't attack wrong target isn't a big problem for me, just practice timing your pet commands right and you should be ok.

Also wanted to add that I think its more important to run 2 tac teams on a carrier, then take FAW3. Won't leave you room for attack paterns but lets you tank much better with continuous tac team.

Okay i have to stringently agree with these guys. Th Vo'Quv turns like a cruiser, treat it like one.

Like the second guy quoted said stick to beam arrays your speed and turn rate make using cannons or beam banks an excersise in futillity and the drop off on them means you really need to be inside a few KM to see the best usage out of them.

He's also spot on about having double tac team and beam fire at will 3. Withut double tac team you cannot efectivlly survive fire from multipule enmies using sheild tanking, you end up not being able to transfer fast enough for 20 secons out of every 30. You can hull tank in the Vo'quv, but it's not what i'd call the best at it. You really need double engeneir slots for that as double engeneering team is kind of vital to it, (with Hazrd emmitters and a couple of sheild heals to back you up if you find your team and AuxtSIF on Cooldown, a quick sheild heal can buy you the 10 seconds or so you'll need even though it doesn't last long).

I'm not sure i agree about grav well though. It really needs precise and often timely placment for best effect, the Vo'Quv is poorely suited to that. Whilst not necesserilly a "great" skill, Feedback Pulse 3 may be your best Cmdr skill. Energy Siphon 3 for the Lt Cmdr skill is a good idea though. You can't get high uptime unfortunatly due to your single copy, but if paired off with your target subsystem abilities it's a lot of drain on a single system. Comined it with plasmonic leech if you have the consle and quite a few PVE ships will lose a subsystem or two. Especially if you run polerons and they proc during that window of opportunity.
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I've been trying this out lately:
(Disclaimer: running Elite STF's, not PvP)

Fore: Photon Torpedo launcher x2, Dual Beam Bank
Aft: Turret x3

With 3 blue projectile doffs, torp spread 2 and 3, plus things like Grav well... its pretty dangerous in that forward arc. I don't seem to have much of a prob keeping that arc on enemies either.
I kept the DBB for subsystem targeting.
Could run 3x Quantums and toss the DBB, heh
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07-05-2012, 08:40 PM
I love my Vo'quv. I fly it in PvP and in STFs with just a couple of console changes.

You can either go beam boat or turret boat - I prefer the beam boat. One dual up front, the remainder singles. Gravity well is great for crowd control, lining up your targets for FAW. The Feds really hate the energy sucking drones.

It is the only ship that I fly that doesn't frustrate me when faced with the Fed carriers and all their hold abilities. I'm not going anywhere fast, so they can hold me all day long and it doesn't affect me.

Unfortunately, no one has really started (at least that I could find) a thread on Vo'quv builds.
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don't seem to have much of a prob keeping that arc on enemies either.
This is only possibble if you near constantlly move at minimum speed. It can work but it absolutly requires youminimise the list of things shooting at you.

EDIT: I've also started to really get my voquv gweared out, thanks to the extreme amount of flow capacitor consles i'm running for my plasmonic leach i'm seeing some pretty insane drain amounts from energy siphon and target X now. Most PVE ships lose their sheilds from siphon and the leech alone, all 3 takes anythings sheilds offline. In fact Target X plus leech plus siphon will take the targent system offline every time, thats a LOT more powerful than people give it credit for. My Voquv finds the Cube and Donatra and Assamilliated Carrier fights a total cakewalke now.

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Pointing this creature at the bad guys is really sorta easy. Especially in the time frame of a gravity well.


And an engineer in a BOP is just a huge waste of engineer and bop. Honest. Get a Vorcha if you want to whip around all willy nilly. Or a siege destroyer. Or wait for the fleet scourge. All good engineer choices. Really anything BUT a bop.
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Originally Posted by thissler View Post
And an engineer in a BOP is just a huge waste of engineer and bop. Honest. Get a Vorcha if you want to whip around all willy nilly. Or a siege destroyer. Or wait for the fleet scourge. All good engineer choices. Really anything BUT a bop.
Yeah, I know. What I'm most likely to do at this point is to just get more character slots, make a solid tactical character, and put that one in the BoP so I can get the most out of the ship's strong points. I'm really not sure I enjoy engineer (in space, anyway--ground is fun) enough to spend any more resources on that particular character anyway.

Edit: As for my ship, I'm thinking I'll actually do this and call it good:

2 photon (maybe quantum to get the most out of spread) torpedoes, 1 beam array for subsystem targeting
3 turrets

With tractor beams and other sorts of immobilizing/control abilities, it's not hard (just slow) to get this hunk of junk facing and locked onto its current target.

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My kdf science flies a vo'quv. 6 Disruptor beam banks for weapons. Been a while since I've done STFs (never touch PVP, at all), but it worked pretty good. Used advanced BoP's to further increase damage dealing + their torpedos make me needing one moot.
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I don't think using disruptors on the vo'quv is really a very good idea, since the disruptor debuff will likely show up thanks to your swarm of disruptor-using minions.

Also, beam boating was what I'm trying to get away from since my gravity well demands that I face forward, yet my beams demand that I face sideways. Given the slow turn rate, that's a significant chunk of downtime for the rear beam arrays.

My new setup allows me to stay facing my target, ensuring nearly 100% uptime for all weapons and no need to turn in order to use my science abilities.

(My fed science ship is much more suited to beam boating because of its excellent turn rate, but not this thing. No way!)

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If we go into the "min-maxing" territory, then yeah, probably not. But I pick my weapons for characters based on theme of the character. My carrier one, well disruptors fit that.

Even then, I manage to use my forward arc science skills and broadside successfully against the probes when I play it .

Could go turrets, but I like fire at will. As well, I'm just pointing out what I use, not what's the best most awesome for PVE/PVP .
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For sure choose whatever energy type you wish.

As for the logic of not using beams because of turn rate and linking that to gravity well you need to put that under the 'because I feel like it category'. If you think it through you can see that the following cannot possibly be true.

My new setup allows me to stay facing my target, ensuring nearly 100% uptime for all weapons

Because eventually you do need to change targets. Or targets do get past you or past someone else. Or you die and need to move back in. Or the targets just happen to spawn on top of you. When any of these things occur, you will gain the benefit the greater arcs of the beams provide. And there's no reason to suffer significant dps loss from the rear arrays.

But its very easy to keep a target in the arc of all your beams. You do NOT need to be parallel to the target to do so. Just move off center enough that your rear beam arrays fire. Then it is a simple matter to nudge the ship over to allow for GW or the next torpedo salvo. Also some spawns come from different areas then the targets you may be working on. In those cases you COULD be broadside to a station, but aimed perfectly at the probes spawn point.

Engineers enjoy the ability to maintain high power levels. Combined with the beams this can be significant damage. Combined with evasive this can be significant maneuverability.

Or here. Don't use gravity well. Just use energy siphon. Don't even need to point the ship. Put chroniton borg torps on there too. Make those spawn move nice and slow.

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