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I have a KDF tactical officer in the Mirror Universe Vo'Quv (I didnt want the 'regular' sciency vo'quv...) since that ship is more engineering related (read; its more able to survive...) and I am using beams + torpedoes on it.


* 4x phased polaron beam array's (purple, MK XI -> so cheap on the exchange at this time...) 2 in the front, 2 in the back (specced into flow cap with 9 points + I have a purple flow cap console mk XI that I got as a reward somewhere)
* 2 photon torpedoes (1 front, 1 aft) (MK XI, purple)

Bridge Officers (ps; I am also fully skilled into attack patterns aswell; when you are a tactical its a must have)

* Lt. Commander Tactical: Torpedo Spread 1, Beam Fire At Will 2 and Attack Pattern BetaII (I tried AP Delta but I couldnt kill stuff fast enough so I switched back to Beta II)

* Commander Engineer/Lt. Engineer: Emergency Power To Shields I, Emergency Power To Weapons I (or is it II?) and Directed Enenrgy Modulation II/ Engineering team1, Auxiliary to structural integrity II

* Commander Science: Science Team I, Hazard Emitters II, Tractor Beam Repulsors II and Tykens Rift II.

I am however thinking about using Gravity Well together with Tykens Rift since most science ability's are trash so I am starting to think about combo-ing science ability's (Gravwell to stall ships in place + tykens rift to suck power to make 'em last even longer in the Well... thats the idea atleast...)

Note: I am flying this carrier like I would a cruiser (a very big and slow cruiser...)...

Hangars: both blue quality: 1x to'duj hangar, 1 mirror universe B'rel BoP hangar.

I am not doing PvP, only PvE...

(I hope I have the bridge officers stations right...)

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