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I bought the bundle. 3 Bortasqu.
I have one for pve (IKS Bay of fundy)
I build one for pvp (IKS Kuruma)
But when I switch IKS Bay of fundy to IKS Kuruma. I always have to set my boff and my hud.
I noticed the same trouble with my fed toon. When I switch USS Black sea to USS Coral sea. I have to set up my boff and my gear.
It's really boring and annoying. It's wasting time
Does anyone know a way to switch without setting up my boff and my gear everytime?
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07-04-2012, 11:25 PM
Lots of people have asked, but apparently it's very low on Cryptic's to do list as it hasn't happened yet (this has been asked for pretty much since the game launched).

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