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Originally Posted by arcademaster View Post
xantris may I ask which parser you are using? (maybe per PM, not sure if the devs like external tools being discussed) I'd like to do some tests myself, seeing is always better than believing

Since I'm currently playing a FED toon I unfortunately don't have access to the Honor Guard set. I also use it on my Orion character, it's just very amazing all around.

So how many quantum damage consoles are you running with, all slots?

Thanks for replying.

STOIC, I can't get the java parser to work.

I run 2 Quantums
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IDK if it's been brought up in here, but in my experience RSP really isn't that good of a skill for STFs, especially once you get a couple of purple BFI doffs in (go do the Rolor Nebula chain). Its cooldown is long and its effects minimal compared to its use in PVP. Aux2SIF 1 provides considerable hull repair without screwing up other team rotations, and more importantly adds damage resistance sufficient to withstand even a hit from the heavy torps (I usually get taken to 40% hull if I get hit while A2SIF is up - great time to hit GDF!). I have a bunch of other differences, but RSP1 is the one that really jumped at me.

I'd also like to echo what someone mentioned earlier - after a certain point your own ability to use what you have matters more than what gear you use. I've got some rather entertaining parses of my Sci char doing elites in a Defiant-R with 3x Mk X green polaron DHC, 1x Mk X blue polaron DBB, and 3x Mk X green polaron turrets ...

(One other consideration is to keep 3 evasive maneuvers doffs around - 15 second cooldown on evasives makes guarding the Kang much easier)

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In regards to the 2 torps, I can't really say how effective it is, as I haven't had much experience with it, however I noticed I did quite well, when I set a photon torp launcher on auto-fire on the front of my ship. I may want to try it with two quantums. Despite slightly lower DPS, this way, it won't interfere with my torpedo spread/high yield accidentally firing the photon torps rather than quantums. (significantly less damage from photon torp spread vs. quantum torp spread.
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Based on the number of views, I hope atleast a few people have learned something.
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Originally Posted by xgorillapx View Post
As I stated before, I will say the dual vs dual heavy cannons personal preference, until I see any data showing otherwise.
Everyone will have their opinions. All I could do is write up a detailed guide as to what I have found works, and learned over time. While some people may pick things apart due to heresay and personal preference, this will help a vast majority of new players in escorts. Especially those who are struggling with STF's.
What can you say that will convince me to give up my purple Plasma Torp Launcher [Acc]x3? It critted me 110k, 45k, 40k in two STFs yesterday... I loves it
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No weapon or torp type is more likely to crit than another. They all have the same chance unless they is a [crtH] modifier. Also, as far as damage goes, even if your plasma torpedo procs every time, the fire is still not doing as much damage as a quantum torpedo would, The biggest difference is when using torpedo spread. You are losing significant damage there. Say for example, your quantums will do 9000 kinetic damage with torp spread (just an example number) and your plasma will do 6500 (approximate ratio difference), even if you find that acceptable with the fire proc and lack of ability to regenerate during the plasma fire, you are losing 2500 damage but you multiply that by 5 with torp spread 3. Thats a lot of damage lost. If you're not using any torpedo modifiers such as HY or TS, then you should probably be going with Photon torpedos. due to their higher DPS in the strict sense of the term.
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Originally Posted by xgorillapx View Post
No weapon or torp type is more likely to crit than another. They all have the same chance unless they is a [crtH] modifier.
Not quite... Excess Accuracy overflows into Extra Critical Chance and Severity, which is why people are very fond of those [Acc]x3 weapons (aside from hitting people in PVP, naturally!) The math was discussed on Stoked a year or so ago -

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OK, I forgot the roundabout slightly imcreased Crit chance based on accuracy due to additional hits. I am also fond of the Accuracy modifier. I prefer the acc/dmg combo personally.
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Originally Posted by lifeofmessiah View Post
Okay, so I am curious as to the reasoning behind your Skill Point dispersion. Some of them, it is pretty obvious why. My main question is why not put any points into the Starship Attack Patterns?
This is a complete guess, but when you're not a tac captain the value of attack patterns kinda diminishes. Sure, a -50 damage resistance through AP:B is nice, but with no points invested it still causes a -33 damage resistance hit; with Omega III, you're losing 8% damage buff, 12 damage resistance, and a 20% boost to your defense. Imho, Alpha is what makes people crazy for SAP, and not the others. So, if you're an engi or sci (especially sci, with sensor scan debuff which mimics AP:B), the need to boost your two patterns over other things just isn't as needed.

Never played a tac, so I can simply estimate, but the patterns are just fine without any points invested for engineers and science officers.
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Two quick notes. Not sure if covered.

1) In your torpedo tube vs 4th DHC maths are you including the loss of damage from falloff? Many times in STFs it is difficult to stay 2km-5km from your target depending on the situation which is why I typically pack a torpedo.

2) Attack Pattern Beta 3 is hands down bar none the most powerful DPS increase you can pack in an STF. +50% to your teams damage against all the un-sheilded targets half the time? Yes please. My Sci Scort giggles with glee when I slap sensor scan and APB on a gate only to see my DPS literally double. Infact I would love to run a test of say KASE with 3+ copies of that on the team to see just how fast a gate melts.

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