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# 1 Assault Cruiser
07-05-2012, 11:39 AM
What in your opinion is the best equipment for the assault cruiser? From top to bottom please
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# 2
07-05-2012, 12:47 PM
lately for cruisers i have been leaning towards beams. weapon type i don't think it makes that much difference, but i would recommend phaser currently. i am not real big on projectile weapons, beams can work well on aft and so do turrets. turrets use very little if any power.

neutronium, neutronium, neutronium. the more the better imho.

shield emitters or shield regen or both.

tactical - what you need to support your weapon type.
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# 3 Excelsior
07-05-2012, 04:52 PM
I'm running with the Excelsior Retrofit:

6xAntiproton BA Borg (3 fore 3 aft) (1 Mk12, 5 Mk11)
2xTorpedo (either quantum or photon Mk11 Purple Borg)

Deflector, Impulse, Shields: Mk11 Maco Set

Device: SSM, Jev, SBatt, WBatt

Purple Mk11 Mono, 2xBlue Mk11 Neut, Blue Mk11 SIF

Blue Mk11 Field Gen, Borg Universal

1x Purple Mk11 AP Mag, 2x Blue Mk11 AP Mag

I swap out my tac BO for either crowd control or or focused fire.

Purple Projectile Weap Officer
Purple Energy Weap Officer
Blue Projectile Weap Officer
Blue Shield Dist Officer
Blue Technician

I also can swap out a second Blue Energy Weap Officer, Or Purple Warp Core Eng if the need arises.
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07-05-2012, 06:45 PM
Last time I used my Sovvy:

Fore: Phaser Beam array x3, Quantum Torpx1
Aft: same as above

Deflector: Borg
Engine: Borg
Shield: Maco (MK XII)


Eng: Borg, Neutronium x2, EPS x1
Sci: Field Generator x2
Tac: Phaser Relay x3

Doffs: (all blue)
Projectile x2
Shield Distribution x2
Damage Control? (recharge on emergency power to subsystem)

Technicians are only useful if you're using Aux to Battery.
(builds for this can be very effective. But it's all preference)
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07-13-2012, 12:34 PM
Fore Phasers (or other beams) x4
Aft Phasers (or other beams) x4
Borg Engines
Borg Deflector
MACO Resilient Shields XII

Neutronium Armor Mk II x2, Monotanium Alloy Mk XII, Assimilated Console
Field Generator Mk XII, Shield Emitter Amplifier Mk XII
Phaser Relay Mk II x3 (or other preferred energy type)

Cmdr: EPtW 1, RSP 1, EPtS 3, APttSIF 3
LtCmdr: EPtW 1, (Free Power), EPtS3
Lt Tact: TT1/BO 1/FAW 1, FAW 2/BO 2
Ens Tact: TT1
Lt Sci: HE 1/TB 1, TSS 2

Note that you should go to a safe place to set your power settings. Put JUST ENOUGH power into Weapons and Shields for Emergency Power to Weapons/Shields to put you at 125. Then dump the power into Aux or Engines depending on what you're doing. Aux for healing, engines for moving.

I prefer having Monotanium Armor for +35 Kinetic Resistance. I also think having both 18-20% Shield Cap and 13-15% Regeneration make a better combination than stacking two of the same. Besides EPtS 3 will give you better resistances (except for a brief period between firing of the powers) making up for some of the downtime; which maybe is 2 seconds. If you are Engineer, Nadion Inversion 3 should be used to counter the effects of either FAW or BO. The added EPtW 1 will keep your power levels higher, but not increase the recharge rate of that system. If you use BO without NI 3 (Eng) then wait a second before firing the other seven beams.

Alternatively, if power drains are too much, drop to Quantum torpedoes (or Tricobalt Aft) and use 6 beams, don't change the tact consoles, as your primary DPS would be beams. In STFs either drop TSS 2 for Tractor Beam or use Tractor Beam Mines aft for holds. It is IMPERITIVE in STFs to have a hold.

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