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Originally Posted by thoroon View Post
I must admit "language barrier" is not an excuse for dumb play.
But I will not use the "you had english at school"-card, I play the "there is enough info on the net in your language"-card.
Germany for example has a nice little page, completely in german, with Walkthroughs etc.
The STOwiki-articles are quite well translated in different languages via Google translator (at least Italian and German).

It's not there aren't sources to look up, it's just players not caring at all. They don't care for others either ...
(but like flaming alot I'm afraid).

And "everything" is not an excuse for being harsh to anyone, without reason (and no, missing an optional is not a reason).

As a sidenote, Diablo 3 has a nice little hotkey-way of communication, one of the few things I really like of this game.
You have basic sentences like "Take this", "I need help", "Follow me" etc. just one keystroke away.
I'm usually silent because I haven't bothered screwing with the chat to make it actually work for me. Or it bugs out anyways. And once combat is underway, I'm too busy button-mashing to type in chat.

Good point on the "basic commands" -- I used to use those when I played "CoH/V". Really need to make STO macros that work similarly.

"Help with probes"
"Kang's going down"
"Nanites incoming"

For the sake of avoiding non-productive arguments -- I'll leave out things like:
"WTF are you shooting at?"
"Are you planning to just camp at spawn in?"
"Ignore the #$#% spheres, get the generators down!"

"I weary of the chase. Wait for me. I shall be merciful and quick."
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Originally Posted by rdm1958 View Post
we were all new at one time. i think it is much more fun to be nice rather than be mean.

good post.
you've set that out better than i have but im mainly annoyed at the swearing and name calling and PWE have said there ban people from the forum if a names mentioned but now im put off evenmore doing any stf or joinning a fleet not everyones perfect but like you said everyones new at first.
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Originally Posted by synkr0nized View Post
It is not the players' faults. I do NOT expect players from other countries to also be proficient in reading and typing English like I am.
Indeed. The internet has taught me not to expect the americans to speak anything remotely ressembling english.
Germans usually do, though.
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Originally Posted by quiscustodiet View Post
Indeed. The internet has taught me not to expect the americans to speak anything remotely ressembling english.
Germans usually do, though.
There is a saying in Germany:
"Caution when you get me on my nerven, ill put you into the gully, put the deckel druff so you never come back to the Tageslicht"

(not a direct answer to your post)
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07-07-2012, 09:23 AM
People who are new to STF's are not always accustomed to looking at walkthroughs and wiki's. People who have been playing the storyline usually don't have the need to so when they do their first STF, it's not likely that their first thought is, "Hey, let me look this up!" If it's elites, then they should know better by then and definitely look it up. But if they've been playing the whole game compelled to look every single thing up, then they're probably too incompetent to be doing STF's. I get pissed going into CSE with people who don't know what mrrml is. If I go into a normal expecting something brilliant, then I'm the dumbass.

But that's where communication comes in also. I've seen some brilliant STF's where someone comes in asking for directions, follows what you say, and achieves the optional with minutes to spare. Speak as well as listen and you'll usually do fine as long as there's courtesy on both sides.
-It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.-- Mark Twain.
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07-07-2012, 09:39 AM
I dont mind people that are new to STFs. I do mind when there are people that wear an EV suit to an STF, don't remodulate, or do any other asinine thing and ignore the group when they are told about it in chat. Anyway because of jerks that completley ignore the group I refuse to que up for STFs anymore, I just join my fleet or private matches on a private channel. Sucks for people that do listen who aren't invited to a private channel because many of the good players won't be present in the ques to help anymore.
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When i started doing STFs i read through this guide

not once mind you but at least 3 times so i could be fully preparded - as much as i could anyway - so i would not "noob out", did Infected first, checked surroundings and followed the attack on the patrols, attacked left side and i attacked the 4 healing generators so i could get a good look at what was going on, perfect run in the end - was very happy with my self - then i was prepared and knew what to do on the next attempt

Everyone is going to be new at STFs, fact of gaming life, people just have to remember what thier first time was like and dont be an arse if someone does something minor wrong - if its big then have a quick word but not abusive
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07-07-2012, 12:04 PM
This forum is like my last Elite STF Infected Space.

Pro player: Im soo good at this STF , everyone listen me and we will win optional.
Newbie: this is my first Elite STF...what we do here?.
pro playermfg a stupid pug? , we will never win optional because of you.
Random player 1: me no hablo inglese....
Pro player:what the f..k , why you even play this game if you dont know english you stupid idiot.
Me: calm down you baby....did you fill your diepers recently?
Pro player: everyone just go f..k yourself......(pro player warp out)
Newbie: do this mean that we failed?
Me:Snap out of it Newbie and lets do this.....(switch on voice chat and start to explain the drill to newbie and others with my rusty english).
Optional win 1:10 minutes before time goes out.
We where lucky because these 2 guys who didnt speak english knew the 10% rule.

Lesson of this Stf was: even if you know the drill , dont be a ****!!!!.

I hope that i wont get forum ban because of this XD.
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Situation likes this, make it sound like your "Pro Player" is one of those egotistical douches that have to belittle others to make himself feel big.

People like this, unfortunately, are everywhere. Ignore their childish behavior. A diaper change, a warm bottle, mommie to burp them, and they'll be happy again..
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I see how this can be frustrating and discouraging for new players learning to run STF's. HOWEVER...Elite STF's are not the place for new players to learn.

It is EXTREMELY unfair for people to come in with no clue as to what they're doing, not be willing to listen to direction and expect to ride the coat-tails of others to better rewards, slowing them down, causing them to fail and not be able to ruin it again for another hour, altogether wasting someones time. I know, when I get home, I log in check on a few things, run an STF or two, and call it a night because I have to go to work n the morning. I don't have time to wait another hour, then start over again, hoping another clueless person won't ruin yet another Elite STF for me.

This is why STO needs to create some sort of pre-requisite prior to being able to do Elite STF's. One should have to complete the regular STF 10+ times before being able to do an elite.

When I make mention of the issues above, I'm not talking about people not knowing EVERY fine point of the strategy. I'm talking about people have NO IDEA what to do. They just know they get better drops from Elite STF"s, and hope they get in with others who they can leech off of.

How many times have you been in an Elite Infected Space run, and had someone say, "Hey guys, remember to take all generators down to 10%, blow them all at once, and focus on the transformer.", Only to have someone completely ignore it, go TERMINATOR on THEIR generator, screwing everyone in the process?. There was one guy who didn't just ignore it, but said, "no!", and then proceeded to throw a wrench into everything.

The worst example I have had was a Cure Ground Elite run...
Two of the guys didn't know they had to avoid the plasma.
Two other guys didn't know to "Enter sequence". Thus everyone just kept running around the room shooting at Borg, never to start the process of completing the mission.

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