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Originally Posted by mikewendell View Post
Alpha testing is what's normally done inhouse. Beta (and release candidates) is usually with test subjects. Or at least that's how it's always been explained to be with what I do.

Oh and heck no on skipping the testing server. Some of the missions right now are seriously bugged. (Search for fire as an example) If they had rolled out as is, there would be a lot more havoc on the forums now than it is currently.
Maybe they should have started this process a whole lot sooner.

I know a lot of people are starting to change interests.

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Originally Posted by linyive View Post
If I do not see season six in the main game soon, within a matter of a few days, I will most likely not be around for a season seven. As someone who is a casual player, I think the gap in between season five and six is already too long. Unless they start implementing new content soon, I may end up finding another game to play.

Perfect World should skip the testing server, so they can get new content out faster. Beta testing can always be done in house. I have been playing "Star Trek: Online" since around February. Approximately two to three months ago, my attention had started to change gears.

I do not think I can hold on too much longer.

I think it might be too late. Many of the people I know are already talking about leaving, for they feel season six is still too far away from being released. Its just a matter of a few days or a few hours.

Perfect World only has a three day window of opportunity, and then I will decide upon my next course of action.

Do I stay? Do I go? *shrugs* I will have to wait an see what happens next.

How about a release date for season six?
That's not entirely realistic, most patches come on Friday. I'm betting we'll see season six around the 27th. There's an outside chance it may be the 20th, but the fact they're having a test weekend is a good sign it's coming within a few weeks.
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07-08-2012, 03:00 PM
Can these problems with Fleet creation and testing be addressed?

Your Fleet doesn't transfer to Tribble with your Toon even if you are the Leader.

You can't create a Fleet with new people on Holodeck or Tribble until they spend 20 hours playing.

Because of the conversion from C-Points to Zen on Tribble, you can't buy a Z-Point and get around that.

Your Zen balance isn't transferred to Tribble Store?

The Dilithium Exchange is disabled on Tribble?

Seems to me they might want to fix all of these things to make the game more new user friendly.
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07-08-2012, 03:18 PM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
In this brand-new edition of Ask Cryptic, Executive Producer Dan Stahl delivers answers to player submitted questions.

Link to the article.
I Can't wait for season 6 to come out, I'm loving the new features

Captain Edmonds,
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I can't wait for Season 6 to come out because my Fleet can't test out the new features on Tribble.

See above post.
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One question that never seems to be answered is the one about the "Defend the Sector" accolades and missions. These missions were disabled a while back, will they ever be put back into the game because I would like to be able to get those accolades that are tied to those missions .....

Also the same type of question about the DS9 Fleet mission that disappeared ....

I would like to see these back in the game so I can get the accolades and trophies for them!!!!

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Originally Posted by overlapo View Post
That is either the best news for those that were hoping for a Romulan faction or the biggest piece of trolling ever.
Let's just hope he means "Full featured faction" and not "Duty officer specific faction". Remember, we still have a half-baked, "PvP specific faction" ingame.
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I like the part where he almost sounds bothered by the request for a card game. They put the freakin' empty card table in with ship interiors, implying that someday, you'd be able to play cards with at least your Boffs, let alone other captains. Now he's saying it won't happen, unless someone wants to do it in their "spare time". Because that's what everyone who has a job wants to do. Stuff for their job, in their "spare time", and not get paid for it. Not to mention, he makes it sound like they'd have to re-write the game to make it happen. I can play cards on my cell phone. The real problem at Cryptic, I suspect, is they keep trying to switch horses, mid-race. Remember when they got rid of all the badges, marks, emblems etc...? In an effort to streamline the currency system, we were going to go with 3 means of exchange. ECs, Latinum, and Dilithium. Fine. Sounds good. Except now how many different forms of currency are ingame? We have lobis. We have all the STF borg drops. And now, marks have been re-introduced in the form of Fleet Marks. Yet Latinum, which buys nothing except for some vanity items you can display in a social hub that nobody uses, or spends any time in, except for scooping Doff missions, (And honestly it is a stomach cramp having to run around different areas of the ship for these, when they should all be available from the ready room console. Another attempt by Cryptic to get people to actually use a half-baked ship interior idea) remains largely underutilized.
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C'mon DStahl.. we have been asking for this since day 1 and have even stated that we would pay for it. Some of us still have day 1 ships that we didn't know how to spec into because there wasn't enough information either from cryptic within tooltips in game nor anywhere else. I refuse to build another toon just to grind my way to the top again with all the grinding that now exists in STO. It is quite simple. Assign a database/programmer to the project and "make it so" I'll kindly go without a "redesign of a combadge" for a little while longer and promise I won't get upset!
Q: (ofallon) Why does a feature such as reselecting your species or traits need to be tied to a ?Season?? Dstahl: Anytime we want to make underlying changes to the way the game works, it inevitably requires software programming. In order to allow the software programmers the time they need to ensure this type of major feature doesn?t completely destroy existing character data, that work is done in a software branch different than the ?live? game on Holodeck. This allows programmers to alter data structures and database functions in safety. Any time you are making these changes you run the risk of potentially destroy character data by introducing nasty bugs. ?Seasons? are STO?s name for updates or expansions to the game that typically involve releasing one of these software code branches into the live environment in a safe manner. This is why allowing players to reselect very basic information about themselves such as their species and traits needs to be done in a future ?Season? and can?t be done over the course of a few weeks. It needs to be tested and verified on the internal database to ensure data corruption isn?t an issue.
my new saying is "cryptic made me do it" in lieu of the the "devil"
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Originally Posted by rtk142 View Post
Ok I read that and basically what I took from it is more in regards to adding Klingon only sectors and making them totally different from the Federation. That doesn't mean we can't get a Romulan faction along the current state of the KDF, sharing certain sectors and missions.

Jolan'try my friend I agree 100% with you on that.

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