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So we all know what happened, Atari sold Cryptic (BAD decision IMO), and PWE bought it up. Now changes are occurring all over the place, such as free to play, and the fact that the cryptic name is being removed all over the game (just log into Tribble.)

For good or bad, PWE is what we got.

But, what if there had been other choices, and what if you got to chose who bought up Cryptic?

Who would that have been to set this game on the track to do Star Trek justice?

For the record, I do not believe that PWE is currently doing the Star Trek franchise justice with this game.
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07-06-2012, 10:18 PM
Well Atari *had* to sell Cryptic. It was the only thing of value they owned at the time. Otherwise they would have drowned in debt and gone bankrupt. Then there would be no more STO, as a financial accountant, I can say that's for sure.

After that, at this time, I'm thinking anyone else would have been preferable to buy Cryptic, even EA, voted worst company in the world for 2011. But only 8 months or so is really not long enough to form the most informed opinion, so I'll give it another 4 months or so.

Do I hate what's happened to the game? Yes. Do I hate how I think it's going? Yes. Is there still time to turn it around before a crash and burn? Yes, because apparently 'they have a plan". But Cryptic's plans so far have not been the best, maybe there is some better long-term strategy involved than irking the entire playerbase on a regular occurrence.

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07-06-2012, 10:28 PM
Honestly, given STO's history, another company might have just tried to milk it for a while before closing it down.

PWE wants it as sort of an experiment, and so have incentive to invest in it. I don't much like their way of doing things; but I think, if nothing else, STO's future is a little more certain with them behind it.
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07-06-2012, 10:34 PM
OGplanet would have made this game a lot better. they are doing an amazing job with SD Gundam Capsule Fighter and their F2P Model is pretty nice. OGPlanet is located somewhere around Washington and parts of Asia. I suggest everyone check out OGplanet's game.
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07-06-2012, 10:59 PM
Here is a question: what exactly is PWE doing to make you not like them? Besides lockboxes, which really aren't as horrible as everyone says. Just annoying.

Honestly I hope STO stays with PWE. I hope this game makes makes PWE lots of money, and that PWE continues to support STO.

Here we have the entire game available for free, and the ability to grind for cash shop items through ingame means. Lockboxes seem to provide a huge influx of cash, and those of you who complain about spending so much on them...the fault lies with you. Say what you will about that practice, but it sure does get results!

Hmm, back on topic. I think PWE was the better company to buy Cryptic, and I think that it is starting to show. I look forward to what happens farther down the line.
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07-06-2012, 11:30 PM
Atari more-or-less let Cryptic do it's own thing with STO, not caring about investing in it. Then they gave it up just for a short-term boost... so I really doubt them selling STO was 'bad', truly.

As for PWE, they're a foreign company. As a general rule-of-thumb, Star Trek was never that big overseas (whether from TOS, all the way to the new Star Trek film). Of course they're not entirely sure of the IP, even as they invested for a foothold in our market.

But regardless of the changes they've given, which are annoying at worst, they're investing in STO. And with this investment, STO's future is a lot more certain.

And while PWE is only investing in the game, it's Cryptic who's doing the franchise justice, even as they have to do it a little at a time while developing the game.
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07-06-2012, 11:31 PM
Well, what options would have been out there that could handle a AAA MMO title linked to a strong IP?

There's only a few who have done it at all, let alone well, but let's see:

Sony/SOE - The things they did to SWG and DCUO speak for themselves. In many ways, they're almost as bad as PWE, especially with their similar lottery and remove-with-cash-store-purchase caps. They have some older games that have been run mostly well for a long time, but honestly, the more recent titles and their treatment at the hands of SOE have been appalling. And, if you've never had the pleasure for yourself, SOE customer support is actually WORSE than PWE. Amazing, but true. SOE's financial troubles over the last 18 months have made it almost as bad as Atari was at the time. There was no chance.

Turbine - Probably the best bet, IMO, but I still think it would have been a huge failure there. Turbine has done really well with the F2P market for LoTRO and DDO and could have done a STO F2P transition much better than PWE did. I don't think they have the needed resources to handle a third game of this size, however. At present time, they barely seem to be able to handle running 2 games since both continue on with horrendous lag and bug problems for months/years at a time. Add to that the fact that Warner probably doesn't care about the Trek IP at all, nor would they want to try and promote a Viacom/Paramount property. It was never gonna happen.

Blizzard - They would have sold it off for parts, or hacked it up into little bits to feed to WoW and D3. I doubt they would've even bothered buying it at all since they do more than well enough on their own. Even if they did, I can't imagine merging Cryptic accounts with Blizzard, everyone dealing with Warden being shoved into a game that was never meant for it, and/or developers/businessmen trying to apply WoW-dynamics to STO.

EA Conglomerate Gaming Corp. - Probably the only real alternative out there that wouldn't be a lateral move, quality-wise. I can't imagine what EA would have done with STO, but it probably would have been noticeably better than what we have now. I doubt they would have gone F2P, for one thing. They may have sunk a little extra money into it and continued expanding on STFs or opened up PvP and the Faction system, maybe? Who can really know. I'm sure they would have continued charging for it. If SWTOR hadn't been coming out they very well might have done that. However, they already have a space MMO, and it has a hugely strong IP attached to it, so there's no way it was gonna happen.

Funcom - ***? AO? TSW nearing release? Even if they could handle a game like STO, they didn't have the incentive or money to make it happen.

All that left, really, were the Pay2Win studios like PWE. And I think any other would have done pretty much the same as PWE has.
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07-06-2012, 11:42 PM
EA, but only if Bioware can assist cryptic.(my opinion) With all the cryptic guys have had to deal with with their new overlords,and having to change currency , forums, and other software to suit PWEs standards, I think they are doing the best they can for the moment.
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07-06-2012, 11:53 PM
Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
Atari more-or-less let Cryptic do it's own thing with STO, not caring about investing in it..
Well, it's not like Atari had a lot of spare cash to invest in things, they've been circling the financial drain for a while.

They sold off Cryptic as a desperation move -- it being one of the few things they had worth anything. I can't see the rights to outdated Atari IP really grabbing anyone's attention. And Tera isn't theirs, they're just the NA Publisher (Distributor) for it. And even if it was theirs, I'm not sure how desirable it is after the Lolicon Lagomorph debacle.

As far as autonomy, IIRC from a random Dev post I won't be able to find because of the forum merger, Cryptic is still running their own show for the most part under PWE.

Originally Posted by foxalpha5 View Post
Here is a question: what exactly is PWE doing to make you not like them? Besides lockboxes, which really aren't as horrible as everyone says. Just annoying.
And someone has listened to the players: they've seriously toned down the lockbox drops. Doff pack "extras" are a much better way to deal with the special ships, IMHO.

Sure, the account merging and forum "standardization" has been a debacle, but merging account databases is never pretty. I used to work for a MegaISP that at the time was glomming up smaller ISP's. That was a disaster that makes the PWE/Cryptic changeover look like a sneeze by comparison.

The real mistake they made was doing it all at once instead of in steps -- forum standardization, then account merger, then this "Account Guard" thing.
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07-07-2012, 12:03 AM
The fact is the answer to the question is no one...

A Star Trek IP isn't Bioware's cup of tea and their experience with SWTOR shows its.

Sony... SWG nuff said.

Blizzard... only does their own properties.

EA as a publisher maybe if a studio that was part of their network did it.

You have to remember that most Star Trek games, SFC+ etc were niche games and while some sold well they typically were not as main stream as other games. Video game wise the IP has languished for some time and had plenty of failures. No big studio was going to touch it with a ten foot pole. Not the mention the oversight that CBS would have plus licensing fees etc.

We may not like it but PWE is attempting to invest in STO so we might as well enjoy it while we can cause even for all its flaws STO is currently all we got.

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