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So I played through both green and yellow tholian missions on Tribble today, and felt compelled to write up my experience.

To start out with, I think the environmental suit should default to "on" as I watched half a dozen people (Including myself, admittedly) rush out of the transporter and immolate. Amusing, but stupid design.

Most of the Tholian missions reminded me of typical MMORPG "Get 37 sabertoothed shrew pelts" type missions. This is a BAD thing. When you start feeling like other MMOs you've lost some of the fun and uniqueness that draws me to Star Trek. Further, the yellow level missions weren't difficult to solo in the least (My character was a l50 with a blue XI shield using the ferengi whip) In fact the "Rescuing Redshirts" (Or whatever it is called) mission was the easiest of the 5 missions I worked on.

The other Yellow mission I could not complete due to all of the portal devices being flipped and not resetting in the instance I was on. I switched instances and flipped a couple portals but I remained stuck at 14/15.

The Dilithium Mining mission outright pissed me off. If I wanted to go dilithium mining, I'd do it at the mining event in Beta Ursae. It really doesn't have a place in the most dangerous environment in the Trek universe, much less in combat. Further, even on a good run you aren't getting great amounts of crystals, so what it says to me is "Do this recycled minigame 15-30 times while doing your other missions." Again bad gameplay.
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07-07-2012, 02:52 AM
i did the same thing lol i had me a bona-fide wtf moment

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07-07-2012, 03:35 AM
Ya, the Tholian Missions are kinda worst of Deferi and Minigames put together on a new Map.
Was quite dissappointed ... though the place itself and Tholians are a "fresh look".

Oh, and I like watching my Avatars burning, drowning etc.
Makes my little Joffrey inside happy
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07-07-2012, 06:12 AM
I very much agree to what people said:

* The Tholians look good
* The environment is interesting

- BAD:
* Combat is boring. The Tholians sometimes fire back, but it's clunky and slow and little fun.
* Grindy. Kill 250, bring 30, yeah well okay but see above, it's really boring!
* Dilithium Mining in a combat zone: Doesn't really fly. It has the annoying quality of integrating a so-so minigame into more missions and recyling it, but it doesn't fit here at all.

In general:
While there are potentially good parts like fighting the Tholian Commander and exploring the base this doesn't appeal to me at all.

-> I will be back to DOffing and ignore this like the Borg Defera stuff.

You must find a way to create more engaging ground content, this is so dull. It's dull from the very beginning and long term nobody will bother with that.

Please come up with something different for future ground activity hubs, really.
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07-07-2012, 06:23 AM
I agree with the posters above me. The Tholians look good, but the missions are not something I felt exhilarated about.
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07-07-2012, 12:27 PM
If you don't activate your EVA suit before stepping out into a Demon-class planet, you deserve what you get. This is Star Trek and it should reward intellectual thinking and common sense, and punish those who do not exercise either. In this case, insta-death upon leaving the safety of the zone-in point. STO does not need to dumb down things anymore than it does already. Dying in this manner is a learning experience. You won't learn anything about how alien worlds work and why your EVA suit is so important if Cryptic activates your suit for you.

The tholians aren't that difficult, I agree. But then again STO in of itself isn't that difficult combat-wise. I wouldn't mind if they were a little tougher and less buggy (mechanics wise, I'm very much aware they're insect-like by nature).

The second medium-level mission not completing is a known bug and is probably going to be fixed whenever Cryptic gets around to it.

The mining game is useful. People have asked for more non-combat stuff in STO to have an important part, and Cryptic delivered. Sure, it's recycled dilithium mining, but it's not combat. Cryptic should be encouraged to do more non-combat play in order to succeed in mission content. Yes, it's repetitive. On my best I get 30-45 crystals a game. For the 500 crystals needed, so it's not that much.
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07-07-2012, 12:37 PM
For all its faults (and there are many) I did like the gigantic mirror Odyssey and the mission to defend it against hordes of Tholians.
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07-07-2012, 01:42 PM
Nothing like being a psychopath killer wiping out alien species to get science report pages...how very trek.

This is the worst garbage missions they have come up with yet.
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# 9 I find the Missions boring
07-07-2012, 02:22 PM
The Mission are boring, because the tholian are very slow and they are to easy to kill.
the Things you geht from the Missions not really good, please make a special tholian weapon or a tholian set.....

Greets cgrn1987
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07-07-2012, 02:26 PM
I played some of the outside and in the cave missions and I rather enjoyed them. The Tholians remind me of something from the original Doom game with their movements, which for me was hilarious.

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