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Originally Posted by capnbludd View Post
Jon when you reply to a post, both of the things I mentioned are right there above the window you type the reply into... one to the left and one to the right.

Private messages is under 'Welcome HippyJon'. User CP is up there under the forum address and the topic.

The player mods don't need that stuff on their walls, they aren't devs, just dedicated folks that want to lend a hand, they don't need a hard time. It's not the old forum, yes I miss features too....I don't think you're stupid, I get you're trying to make a point like you did with the sig, that you edited in the user cp, that you can't find now
Thank You for the information, CaptBludd. I didn't realize that the page where I edited my Sig was a User Control Panel. Honestly to me , It was my Sig and Avatar editing page. As I said , mostly computer illiterate over here in Hippie Land. So again, thanks for the information.

I have made a How To ...

P.S. I hate that these new forums made me change my handle. I guess I'll just have to get used to people spelling my name JON. Once upon a time I was JOHN. Kind of miss that 'H' ... It was a good H.

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