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# 1 TGD Tribble Bug List
07-07-2012, 05:55 AM
Right i came across all this and i would like to put it down.... also theres a few good things i loved and some things you may know.

Tholian Ground Missions


1: Every thing burns... from the Lieutenant Officer in the faculty to turrets
Only one that dose not burn is the Ev suit researchers you free.

2: Respawn all wrong... when in boss room you respawn back in the cave.

3: Boss can be challenged by 1 person.... which could cause Federation to keep challenging them whilst a full team are waiting until its finished....

4: Boss helth way too high for a party of 3!

5: Boss can be Gliched (contact me for more details as i don't want others to know)

6: After killing boss theres a 20-60 sec timer then it kicks you out... and dosent update mission logs.

7: Mission Exterior: Closing Doors Is broken.... dose not work in a team of 3 (dose not shear) and when you rescue all 15 you get 7 [Tholian Phase Stabilizer Shut Down Codes] That do nothing at all.... (Quest is also easyer than the bergining... shoud add some diffculty to it)

8: Cannot Discard Items: [Tholian Phase Stabilizer Shut Down Codes] [Crystal Fragments].

9: Additional Scurty Escort dont have EV suits (20% chance to beam in addienal scurty team)

10: The Mission "Rescueing Redshirts" the Fed + KDF officers get stuck when you knock them back.... need to lower some of them to compsate


1: Spawn rates.... with a full map of people them Spawn rates will really come in handy!

2: Toughness when you take on 3 of them its Hard... which i love..
Feds might find it too tough and complain... but they just need better guns and tactics.


1: Dilithum Ore Extration shoud be replaced with "Crystal Fragments" or somthing like that.

2: Crystal Fragment mini game shoud have a slightly blueish background due to the crystals are blue .

3: Your gun shows when you use the mining gun.

4: Dilithum Exchange Officer on the serface and adding into the warning message "Go to the dilium exchange officer to buy a suit"

5: The Objective Cycle for the Tholion missions Interfears with auto pilot to that system (Mission name too close to center of cycle making it hard to click system)

6: Tholian Live on high temp worlds... so thay shoud have -20 to -80 resistance to cold

Space Stations:


1: Very Well Interior Design

2: Space Station Missions! "Officer of the Watch"... Brillant! Shoud be included in ships too...

3: Delay timers 20h insted of 24... thats just makes every thing better!


1: Space Icons for KDF on the sector map are the same as Fed

2: Traswarp to star base from any where making it the most useful point



1: Borg Prosthetic Do not appere on my back

2: Add a gun Distance/placement in the tailor (Adjust it so it wont be in your armor or cape)

3: Waiter timer for Starbase defence is broken keeps skipping from 40 back to 60 and 0 back to 60

4: Looting system is abit broken... my loot is not allways mine... and im not in a team
(Might just be Tholian Ground not sure)

5: Queueing system broken on tribble server... 20+ people for defence and it cant queue

6: Add a "Click to start" at the start of timer mini games.... for low PC or people that have alot open sometimes it takes 1-10 seconds to load the minigame making it harder to get stuff

7: GUI for the Players Skill Tree for the Points that are avalble and spent goes beyond the GUI


Select your away team..... Great new look!


Hope this helps contact me for more delails if you want throw hotmail or any thing else you want


P.S. This Tread will update as i find more bugs so keep watch

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# 2 Replys?
07-08-2012, 03:19 PM
There's a hole list of bug's/suggestion here and no comments.... i hope STO did not miss this as these a ton of bugs here here!


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