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So, my lil' Luna and I have been together since lvl 40. I've dragged her through all the missons, STFs, team PVP and even the bowls of Kerrat. I've been focusing more on PVP now since the PVE part has kinda dried out, and my fleet has a solid PVP side to it.

OK, long story short I'm a sci in a Recon. I've been running Tetyrons beams for a while, 2x Dual beam banks fore, and 2x Beam Arrays aft. Right now I have the Polorized Tetyorn set from "A New Link" Mission, so 10% proc chance. I have a quantum Torp launcher fore and I swtich out between Rapid fire Transphasics and Breen cluster torps aft. At Frist, my boffs were all shield stripping, Tachyon beam, Charged Particle Burst, that sort of stuff. But recently I have been using Viral matrix II and my subsystem targeting more often to disable my targets and leave them open for either an up close torpedo spread, or for a friendly escorts to take them out.

As such, I am not sure if I should switch up my weapons to be more in sync with my current combat style, such as Polaron or Phaser to aid in the subsystem drain. Or if I should stick with Tet so that i have a more balanced combat style?

And yes, I know that I will have to switch consoles too and not to install the new set until i have a full beam load of it...
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07-08-2012, 12:35 PM
Have you tried a single fore DBB for targeting and beam overload, plus two quantum torps with a pair of purple projectile doffs for a constant torp stream? 3 turrets on the back combined with a pair of Omega-set pieces for tetryon glider (maybe with CRF1 if you really want to push it) and you can shield-strip for those torpedo salvoes?
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I'm also a Sci in a Luna Love the little guy.

Just to give you ideas, I currently run a power drain based build myself.

Fore: 2x Polaron Cannon Mk XII [Acc]x2 [Dmg], Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk XI [Acc][CrtH]x2
Aft: 3x Polaron Turret Mk X [Acc]x3

Mk XII Omega Set

Devices: Weapons Battery, Auxiliary Battery, Deuterium Surplus

Eng Consoles: EPS Flow Regulator Mk XII (Green), Nadeon Detonator
Sci Consoles: 2x Particle Generator Mk XII (Blue), 2x Field Generator Mk XI (Blue)
Tac Consoles: 3x Polaron Phase Modulator Mk XII (Green)

Tac BOff: 2x Tactical Team I, Cannon Rapid Fire I
Eng BOff: Emergency Power to Shields I & II
Sci BOff: 2x Hazard Emitters I, 2x Energy Siphon I, 2x Feedback Pulse II, Photonic Shockwave III

Space Active Duty:
Hazard Systems Officer (Purple)
2x Shield Distribution Officer (Purple)
Warp Core Engineer (Purple)
Photonic Studies Scientist (Purple)

I can list the skills for you if you want, but I think I have them listed in another thread.

Yes, I lose out on the innate Target Subsystems, but I won't miss them as I barely used them, even Target Shields and Engines. Cannons and turrets fire more often than beams do, so you get more chances to proc the power drain, especially with CRF, and Tetryon Glider from the Omega drains their shields just as fast as those Polarized Tetryon Beams, if not faster due to damage + RoF. Siphons are nice too. FBPII can do some nasty damage too, especially if you get swarmed or find yourself in an otherwise sticky spot. PSWIII I've done upwards of 30k with, plus a 3 sec disable with a 36 sec cooldown. The WCE DOff would be nicer if I could have multiples, but he works nicely with EPtS spamming. And... uhh... Yeah. Wish I could reduce the cooldown on Brace for Impact.

I used to run Tachyon Beam III in multiple copies. Now... I think it's such a useless ability. It just doesn't do enough. The only Sci ability I used to use that I miss is Gravity Well, honestly.
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