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# 1 Fleet Vo'Quv concerns
07-08-2012, 05:03 AM

The Fleet Vo'Quv as it is on tribble screams 'Buyer's remorse' .

Considering that the Vo'Quv is a token Tier 5 ship (aka doesn't cost money to buy) and the Fleet Vo'Quv is hardly any different than the Free one... why should I bother getting the Fleet version?

Slightly more shields and hull do not in any way or form improve the ship. Why? The Carrier is super slow and cannot turn so its DEFENSE BONUS from moving is always zero. It will get it and that hit will hurt and the added shield/hull bonuses do not really let it take more than just one more hit... in short its not really practical.

The extra engineering console has me confused. Why?

Adding an armor plate (perhaps the wisest use for that slot) isn't making the ship a 'fleet' ship.

Here is my suggestion on how to truly change the Vo'quv into a true carrier.. a FLEET Vo'Quv:

1-Take the current VoQuv and remove one forward weapon slot and remove one rear weapon slot. Ship now has total of only four weapon slots: 2 forward and 2 rear.

2- Add two more hangars. Total of four hangars. This makes the fleet carrier a TRUE CARRIER not a cruiser with hangar decks. It makes the FLEET carrier a ship that uses its pets as its primary weapon system.

3- Remove one tactical console slot and put it into science slot. Total 1 tactical console and six science consoles.

4- Add one more Device Slot for a total of five.

5- Visual fluff but needed nonetheless: Please change the location of turret weapon hardpoints on the Fleet and non-fleet version. Aka where we see the ship's weapon firing from. Its really annoying to see my HUGE ship firing all its turrets from the tip of the nose. Its just.. visually insulting. It would be much better to see the turrets firing from multiple hardpoints on the hull and near the nacelles.

6- REMOVE subsystem targeting attacks from the Fleet Vo'Quv. Replace it with Enhanced Sensors (+bonus to all sensor based abilities like jam sensors,

7- Free Vo'Quv has +10 aux power bonus .. the Fleet Vo'Quv should have +10 shield power bonus.

8- Replace the Lt Science station that is currently on the Fleet Vo'Quv with a Universal Lt. Commander station.

9-Please for god's sake change the bird of prey flight pattern AI. Return it to its previous setting ... where we could actually ORDER the pets and RELIABLY see them follow orders. None of this fancy flight pattern or 'formation' stuff that doesnt even work now to begin with.

Here's a video example of how it used to be :

Notice how the INSTANT I clicked on attack the birds of prey would, all at once, nose to target and accelerate with nose pointing DIRECTLY to target.

Notice how the birds of prey would all fly together (most of the time) and fire AT THE SAME SHIELD FACING on target simultaneously.

Notice how the birds of prey would RETURN to carrier using their evasive maneuver speed AND 'form up' with the carrier pointing their noses to the same vector the carrier's nose was pointed at.

Please give us back the ability to play like a CARRIER with pets that can actually be controlled... not the current 'I just click attack and they do whatever they feel like doing' behavior.. it just makes the Voquv a joke as a carrier and makes it rather silly to use BoP's since they are completely unresponsive.

Just think that To'Duj fighters currently out-damage and out-perform birds of prey SIMPLY because they fly together, RESPOND to carrier commands quickly, FLY to target slowly and directly... AND they return to carrier QUICKLY. In short, they can be CONTROLLED by the player.

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