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1) % phaser damage
2) If you know you go fight against multiple enemies at the same time, then yes, Cannon Scotter Volley and Torpedo Spread would be a good choice. But if you go fight mostly against 1 or 2 ships, then you should stick with Cannon Rapid Fire and Torpedo High Yield

3) Remove Abandon Ship from your power-tray imo
4) Ramming Speed is actually very handy. You can use this skill only when your hull is at 50% or lower. For example, if you have an enemy that is on 20% hull with Reverse Shield Polarity active, use Brace for Impact and heals (if you have some), and ram him! Most of the time they will not survive
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Some of you seem to have missed the fact he's Captain rank, flying the vanilla Defiant.
Elite STFs aren't quite relevant yet.

Originally Posted by wrightinents View Post
  1. HOW is an escort supposed to be played?
  2. Hit and Run?
  3. Get in range and stand still like kind of a weapon plattform?
  4. Always try to get in the back of the opponent? (if yes, how do I avoid getting outmaneuvered by other ships if I am to far away, or getting instantly killed by one shot projectiles I can't evade in close range?)
  5. Keep flying around the opponent in close range (kind of like an annoying fly, but I won't get much frontal uptime that way)?
  6. Do I just pop all my offensive Abilites and use as much of them as I can at the same time?, or rather chain them one after another?
  7. Do I use my defensive abilities reactivly?, or try to keep em up as much and as long as I can?
  8. Why is it I seem to be doing so little damage to the larger romulan ships? (What I do is just acticate everything I have as soon as I am in 10km range and start firing like crazy - are my weapons too bad?, shouldn't I be using all abilites at the same time?, Is my choice of BOs or ships skills not good enough?)

Last but not least I would like to ask that - If everything else fails - would it be a considerable option to fly a cruiser or science ship as a tactical? (I really hope someone can help me not be so bad and I don't have to consider this)
Hit and run: No. Spending 45% of the time running at an opponent, 45% running away and 10% turning around means you're severly cutting your potential, at which point you might as well fire a Cruiser and broadside.
You stand your ground, slowly creeping forwards/backwards to retain some Defense (damned Reverse Power Drain).

Defensive abilties: depends. Emergency Power to Shields and Aux to SIF are proactive, Brace for Impact and Hazard Emitters are reactive.

Torpedoes: Shoot them down, Brace for Impact.
You don't have to wait for AoE skills to come back up, quickly tab to them.
You won't always get them all, but if you get 1 in a volley of 3 and have BfI up, you should live.

Abandon Ship: It's a Captain ability, one of the "all professions" abilities like Brace for Impact, Evasive Maneuvers and Fleet Support. Unlike those, it's useless.

Ramming Speed: Another "all professions" Captain ability, intended use: Ramming Ships (it sometimes can be useful in that fashion); most common use: fleeing.

Torpedoes: Photons are best, actually, unless you're hitting the global timer (you aren't). But overall, Torpedoes are largely optional on an Escort.

Tactical Consoles: as many Phaser Relays (since you're using Phasers) as you can fit.

Your Skills aren't too bad. Driver Coil is indeed wasteful, but it's only 6k Skill points at this point, not too big a deal.
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Originally Posted by lotharic1 View Post
Escorts are fine in PvE -- I'm playing through the missions on Elite now and only occasionally have problems.

You need much higher shield power -- maybe 60 or 65.

I would go for another cannon skill too. As for gear, the difference between phasor and anitproton weapons is incredibly small and not worth the extra cost, unless you are doing STFs and can get them that way.

With most enemies, I close to about 9 KM and back up, facing my enemy, and open fire with max DPS (cannon rapid fire, attack pattern alpha, emergency power to weapons, tactical team, and that debuff thingy). Another tactical team and cannon skill when the first ones go down, and the enemy is usually pretty much dead.

The advantage of keeping your distance and making them come to you is that you get most of your shots on their front shield. Tactical team keeps your front shield fine, and you get to fire the entire time for max DPS.

On bosses and other special ships you can do a hit and run, where you close to 9 km, fire for 10 seconds, and then evasive maneuvers to get away before you die. Rinse and repeat.

Specifically on the Romulan missions, you need to keep your distance from the Mogwais. Their heavy plasma torps will tear you up.

Also, the Mogwais will open with Attack Pattern Alpha and some other buffs. I find it's best to pull them (and have them buff up), and then stay out of range while their buffs expire.

Hope this helps.
Agreed on most things, but AP is seriously worth it when combined with a DBB at 6 points in energy weapon specialization. If you can crit at 125 weapon power, that one DBB will do 50-70k in one hit. Phaser is ok, but its a 2.5% chance to disable a RANDOM subsytem. that means 2.5% and THEN 25% odds to disable the subsystem you want (usually shields). i would stick with AP (for the crit damage boost) or disruptors (for the debuff). as for the other stuff, totally agree.
When in doubt, (hehe) c4!
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