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07-09-2012, 06:09 AM

So: yes, i understand when a company wants 2 make money....

but when they do so:


They dont give Players more Slots for keeping and collecting items in Bank?
They bring these Ferengi and ****stuffboxes into the game for Lifetime Players?
(This players dont buy any Cryptic or other items anymore in the store because of that, its a big Fake to push people in bying useless Boxkeys for useless stuff ...)
Why does this ??chinese????? Company now? not create a functionally Exchange Market in game and is holding on with these overaged ??item is bound???System?
Why should any player keep on going spending real money for virtual stuff when the prices are to high, the holding place is limited, the graphics are not proceeding , the missions keep going on boring and full of useless wasting time running around on a map doing useless stupid quests for locked ferengi boxes which u have to ??look at Nr. 2??^^

Sorry for my broken english, a year ago i was able to say someone: ok, STO is a game you can play...

its not anymorre, it has become BS!
(no, i dont feel better now, when i pay i want a service and not a foolish tricky company with bad support and
****ed up buiseness rules! )

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