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First of all, thank you for some amazing additions this weekend on tribble!

The 2nd power-tray is awesome and just what a few of my characters desperately need. However, I'm gaming on a 3 monitor system and the vertical 2nd bar detracts from the wonderful view. Can these trays have an option to switch between vertical and horizontal modes? (It's likely someone may want them to be vertical to fill up the left/right sides or horizontal for the top/bottom).

Another brilliant, albeit minor change, is the away team beam down screen. As a member of a role-player guild I can say this aspect surprisingly adds quite a bit to the game immersion. If possible, can the away team members be placed on the pads (x,y adjustments) and include a beam out effect upon hitting "accept"?

Thank you again for all the work your team puts into this amazing game!

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