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I just became a proud owner of a exploration cruiser.

Before you get bored reading it ;D i would like answers to all of these questions but if u have a hint of advice to any of the questions, than simply Engage !. All will be usefull

For now i've been working on 6x beam array and some beam overload and fire at will, also patter alpha and some shield boosters.

I have a few questions for those willing to answer; )

I'd like my cruiser to be good at fighting,resisting dmg and taking multiple opponents if that is possible or to be very good in at least one of those things.

1. What are the most profitable skills for bridge officers

engeenering - 1 and 2 skills
engeenering - 1,2,3 skill
tactical - 1,2 skill
science - 1.2 skill

i'm not asking for a full layout, just some guidelines


i mainly contribute my skill points to attack.accuracy.resisting dmg.shield. and other that seems profitable but maybe there is something i should invest more in ? i still got respec


6 beam arrays looks cool and gets it done but from what i read with 6 beams they drain energy so
1-100 % power
2-90 % power
3-80% power
etc etc

That seems to lower my dps which i hold dear ; D

what is the best weapon layout ?
5 beams and 2 torpedos ? or maybe something else ?


What Shield should i use ?

- high dmd res and low restore.
- low dmg res and high restore ?
- medium dmg/restore and additional 20 % res to perticular weapon tipes ?


What engine is best for me ? regular ? hyper ? combat ?


any peticular science.eneenering/tactical console that is crucial to this tipe of ship ?

I got ~1 mil cred. respec and i want to make this ship a usefull addition to starfleet .!

I would really apriciate any help. I'm only playing few days now and i like to play some more, watched a lot of star trek and it's nice to play in this wolrd ; D

Thanks up front and looking forward for responsed
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07-09-2012, 06:47 PM
I suggest you try out the search function on the Forums.
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07-10-2012, 08:56 AM
I run a forward pointing PVE tac oddy, here's my setup:


It may not look like much, but I can tank an elite cube and gate and deal 4k consistent DPS at the same time. Now, I know that 4k DPS is nothing compared to a pro escort hitting 7k, but keep in mind that I'm an engineer officer and tanking is my MO!

To answer your item questions, you want to get mark x weapons and start running normal STFs. 10 runs and you can get the borg engine and deflector. Before you run STFs, beat the mission 'assimilated' to get the assimilated borg console. 3 set borg will gives you quite a bit more survivability, and trade any rare salvage you get in for mark x borg weapons.
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07-10-2012, 09:37 AM
With the Galaxy's ensign engineering, it's got plenty of space to run emergency to shields AND weapons back to back inbetween eachother. If you hit EPTS, 15 seconds later in the middle of it's duration, EPTW will come out, and 15 seconds after that, your second EPTS, then your seconds EPTW, then back to first EPTS, they'll overlap nicely and it'll hopefully mitigate power drain. Also, it'll add a small damage bonus for the first 5 seconds. I think it's five anyhow.

Also, if you plan on using Eject Warp plasma, it's good to spec into particle generators. As you're using a Galaxy R as a tac, I'm assuming it's mostly for PVE and STF, and a well speced Eject Plasma III will do nasty things to any NPC. Burns through hull, and lowers defence value increasing the likelyhood of crits, which is especially handy with beam overload.

If you got two purple conn officer doffs that reduce the tactical team cooldown, you could run Tactical team, overload 1, and overload 2. That'd give you two spikes more than you have, and provide shield balancing as though you had two tactical teams on your power tray thanks to the doffs. Tactical team whilst mainly used for balancing shields and cleansing tactical debuffs, also provides a small damage boost.
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07-10-2012, 11:19 AM
Paired EPTW1 (above 1 doesn't help much), paired EPTS2 or 3 (3 is much more durable but costs you your LtCmdr slots that could be other highly useful stuff, so your call), and 6 beam arrays. The EPTW helps control the drain, the EPTS boosts your shield regeneration/damage-reduction, and 6 beams gives you an ugly broadside. You only have 1 tac team, but you can use tactical initiative to pretend you have 2 for 45 seconds at a time. For the Lt Tac slot, either FAW2 with all the beams, a torpedo2 skill, or mount a fore DBB or two and carry Overload 2 (and an EPS Flow Capacitor) combined with APA for a big spike.
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Join Date: Jun 2012
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07-11-2012, 12:34 AM
Aye, but the reason I suggest 1 is because there's three ensign engineering slots, and if you don't put Emergency to X in those, you're putting Engineering Team in, and that clashes with tactical team which is generally much more useful and with Tac Initiative or the right conn officer doffs will work back to back from just one copy.

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