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07-12-2012, 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by ryanev View Post
In my personal experience the best purchases so far are the EC Cap increase, +100 Doff Slots (I do doffs a lot and I find 200 to be satisfactory) and the extra character slots.
I send DOffs off on assignments whenever possible, and 200 works out. If I was stuck with 100, I think I'd run out of room for DOffs that are necessary for assignments, and spares to upgrade with the 5-to-1 assignments.

Originally Posted by mikewendell View Post
To add to ryanev's post, we appear to be getting upgrades on the tier 5 ships so you may want to hold off on that as well until they get released and folks can try them out.
I noticed that the Odyssey is available at Fleet shipyards, but it's the basic one - not any of the three that can be purchased. I see that it's short one console slot, dunno about the stats.

"Don't let them promote you. Don't let them transfer you. Don't let them do anything that takes you off the bridge of that ship, because while you're there... you can make a difference." - James T. Kirk

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