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# 1 dark shadow box type deal
07-09-2012, 11:24 AM
Just came back from not playing for a while and found that on ground maps i?m getting this odd dark box that seems to clip though/over the environment depending on the angle my camera is at. it's almost like a shadow being cast by a window. adding some pictures see if anybody has had this happen to them.

I?ve not played in a while so I don?t know if its new or something that been around. I did just get a new video card about a month before I came back so i?m thinking that it might be a problem with nvidia cards since my old one was ati.
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# 2
07-09-2012, 02:30 PM
That's a new one on me. Passing it along to our graphics guys to take a look.

You might try messing with some of your graphics settings, specifically the shadow parts (i.e. turn shadows off, is the box still there?) to see what's causing it, and what might fix it.

What video card are you using? Are you running in DX9 or DX11?

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# 3
07-09-2012, 08:55 PM
The video card i?m using is a nvidia 670 I do use the built in gpu (its listing it as a hd3000 its a 2700k cpu) to drive a second monitor which maybe why it's bouncing the res around with dx11 running. doesn't seem to be a problem with dx10 at all though.

Ok so tried a few things. with I think dx10 setting the shadows to low fixes the box as well as turning off the shadows in general. Thats about all that seems to have an affect on it tried turing dynamic lighting off with no change. I also tried turning down max lights per object and max shadows per object with no change. I?m not getting the problem everywhere either it seems to be particular maps I don?t see it on ds9 or the academy. I do see it on some mission the last I can remember is starbase 114. I also noticed it follows the camera around at a fixed distance. like its a window/wall locked in front of the toon.

With I?m thinking dx11 on the problem goes away completely, but dx11 is peddling its own bag of wonky. it won?t list what the game is currently set at, all I can see in nvidia geforce gtx 6...... in the box. I i?m assuming I?m using dx11 now though because the first time I selected it the screen went completely blank and I had to restart windows because the problem migrated over to my other monitor. I think the game decided to try and run the game across both the monitors which didnt work so well. Second time I put the game in windowed mode first then changed it and restart sto. now no more shadow box thing

New wonky if I tab out it will drop the game to windowed mode at 1600 something. There?s a chance it will go with something that will make it so the either the interface buttons will not line up with the images on the screen or the mouse cursor goes offset either way I have to move the mouse off the button to actually push them. This also happens everytime I turn the game on for the first time. I can fix it by selecting 1980x1080 auto 60hrz but its kinda annoying doing that all the time. Is there anyway to tell it to default to what works rather than the roulette it seems to be going with right now with a command line start setting?

this is what i?m getting in the video card options and also the option to switch between dx10 and 11. I don?t know about the color shift its not like that in game I?m writing that off as the magic of sto dx11 beta and fraps.
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# 4
07-10-2012, 08:07 AM
Thanks for the info, I'll pass it along.
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