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Originally Posted by blademasterronin View Post
I've just herd from my Federation Council rep. He says that they are working on legislation now to fix your issue perminantly. They are going to impose an ec tax of 40% on every player who earns more than 250,000 ec per day. With the procedes from that tax, they will give you and anyone else who makes less than 50,000 ec per day a stimulas to help make things fair. Because it is simply not fair that some select few have the knowlegde, ability, and work ethic it takes to be ec rich, while others friviously spend their ec's and don't know how to make enough energy credits to support their in game lifestyles. Also, they are going to give the Federation Intergalactic Bank extra ec's so they can loan you some ec's until the program is in place. And dont worry about the loan payments, they will forgive your loans when the next round of elections occur, as long as you vite for them.
this depresses me

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Originally Posted by tankalot42o View Post
this depresses me
It depressed me by typing it. But unfortunatly that is how things appear to work in the real world, or atleast politicians are trying to get to that point here in the US. What is sad is i think if a policy like this was instituted by any game we would see outrage, but when it is introduced in real life we see acceptance. People seemed to be resigned to this accept this behavior from governments and polititions IRL.
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Call our US Congress they'll give money away, even print you new crisp bills too!
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I need a bailout bad. Donated all my dilithium to the fleet starbase. I am not hard labor friendly enough to mine away on a big floaty rock.

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