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07-11-2012, 08:24 AM
Originally Posted by sdkraust View Post
Right now I have

Fore: 4x Borg Anti-proton DHC
Aft: Working towards 3x Borg Anti-proton Turrets
Deflector: Borg Deflector
Impulse: Borg Engines
Shields: MACO Mk XII
Devices: Subspace Field Modulator, empty
Eng Consoles: x2 Plasma Distribution Manifold
Sci Consoles: (Clueless here), Assimilation Module
Tac Consoles: x4 Anti-proton Mag Regulator

Boff Setup:
Commander Tac: Tac Team I, Scatter Volley I, Rapid Fire II, Scatter Volley III
Lt. Commander Tac: Tac Team I, Rapid Fire I, Rapid Fire II
Lt. Eng: EPtS I, Reverse Shield Polarity I
Lt. Sci: Transfer Shield Strength I, Polarize Hull II
Ensign Sci: Sci Team 1

Boffs are a bit redundant. I need to get rid of Sci Team 1, and some Scatter Volley / Rapid Fire
Oh my I would suggest you go stop by the PvP forums and read some escort threads. What works there does better in STFs. Here is some quick help.

Plasma Manifolds are junk dump them... and put armour on I think I read you did that good.

Sci ya field gens go here.

All the cannon rapids and scatters are a complete waste... All you really need is 2 copies. If your a tac use tac init to keep the highest version up for as long as possible then tag team them till tac init is back up...

Honestly I would dump the torp as well... the only way torps will out dmg an all nrg setup is if you heavily commit to it with 3 torp doffs... and multiple launchers to get a torp rapid fire going.

What you might want to try is... 4 DHC ... 3 Turrets
Tac Team - Delta 1 - Scatter 2 - Rapid 3
Tac Team - Beta 1 - Omega 1
Polarized Hull 1 - TSS 2
Hazards 1

That is a good basic Escort setup for PvP... or STFs. Omega Delta Beta gives you a perfect always on attack pattern role... and will boost your dmg, and everyone elses if you use beta and delta properly. (cast delta on the tac cubes targets... keeps your teammates up and the fire off you, and applies a nice -30 to the borg shooting at the person you delta)

I would run Rapid Fire 3 as its the highest single target cannon skill... and with tac init you can use it to pound on the bosses... use CSV 2 when there are multi probes ect.
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07-11-2012, 09:03 AM

My setup is obviously for PVP, but you can do pve with it too.

  • 4 DHC 3 turrets
  • omega deflector
  • omega engine
  • mako 2 shield
  • 2 neutronium armors
  • 1 multivector mode, 2 shield consoles or 1 shield console/1 point defense console
  • 4x Phaser relays.

Bridge officers:
  • tactical team 1 beta1 rapid fire 2 Rapid fire 3
  • tactical team 1
  • Emergency power to shields 1 & 2
  • hazard emitter 1 science team2 Tractor beam repulsor 2
  • Doffs:
  • 2 blue shield distribution doff
  • 1 purple shield distribution doff
  • 2 Purple Development Lab Scientist.
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07-12-2012, 08:03 AM
Standard STF escort setup:

Tac4 (point): TT1 CRF1 CRF2 APB3
Tac4 (area): TT1 CSV1 CSV2 APB3

tac3 (patterns): TT1 TS2 APO1

Sci: HE ESS or Jam Sensors (to taste)

Kang duty/probe duty use Tac4(area). For everything else Tac4(point)

Escorts with eng1 slot can use combo EPTS1 x 2 + RSP
Escorts with tac1 slot can use 2 x TS

Good idea to get a pretty Hamlet doff off exchange, 2 of them reduce cooldown on TT so you can only pack 1 copy of TT, and run 2 x TS, or THY.

More in the signature link.
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