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07-12-2012, 09:31 AM
I don't think you've actually strapped this set on. I wish you would stop trying to act like this set bonus isn't complete garbage until you do. This bonus looks good on paper, which is how you and apparently the devs have seen it.

Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
Here's an example:

Science ship using relatively high shield power setting (~80) and using transfer shield strength and emergency power to shields (each gives a bonus to shield regeneration) and has shield emitter consoles (at least two) equipped.

To use your own example:

My shield is at 100/100
hit/proc takes it to 90/105

... you hit the transfer shield strength heal (III and II preferably) and you will get a huge number of hitpoints back to the shield but in a 'heal over time' effect.

As you take more hits the amount of shield can go up to 125 ... with a big regen heal ticking it doesnt matter if your shield fluctuates between 100 and 125 when one of the 5% bonuses times out..the moment you get another proc the regen fills it back up again for you.
And how do you get a proc? By taking damage. And even on a science ship with the setup you've described there is no way that regen is going to compensate for incoming damage. Yes, you can heal, not regen, into the gap, but this brings me back to my point that you would be better served to wait until you get hit a few more times to avoid healing into the temporary capacity.

Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
emergency power to shields gives you a small shield heal and boosts the shield resist plus regen rate up a notch as well. The small heal is enough to give you back nearly 20% of your shields.

The setup itself depends a lot on your ship boff station slots. Personally if I was going to use the full reman set i'd make sure to have transfer shield strength 3, emg pwr to shield 3, sci team 1 and IF its a science ship and I have a second science station (LT) I'd put transfer shield strength 2 on it so i can keep a constant regen bonus.
This is my sign that you're just spitballing this on paper. "IF it's a science ship"? What else besides a science ship (Neb, D'kyr, and Atrox) can run EPTS3 and TSS3? A BoP? Seriously man, you're not speaking from any kind of experience with this bonus.

You can't regen into it, and healing into it gets penalized. My points stands and the bonus clearly deserves a pass from the devs.

I would really like somebody else to take this bonus out and tell me if you can get 5 stacks to stick. I can't. So it looks like the max sustainable stack is 4. Yet another reason to make the stacks refresh.

Devs, if you're listening, if you leave it an empty max SP bonus you might consider making the proc include a bonus to incoming healing to offset the penalty for losing a stack.

I'd also like to point out that utilizing the Cap bonus is senseless in every situation save solo PvE. In an STF or PvP using a heal to keep your shields completely full take it away from a teammate who might otherwise need it. Are you going to top off your capacitance cel or throw a heal on the Kang?

Again, this looks shiny on paper, but take it out into the cold, unforgiving reaches of borg space, or heck, take it to normal PvE with a couple of mirandas shooting at you, and you will find that it is a non-factor in the fight.
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07-12-2012, 09:44 AM
Yeh not worth it unless u run Plasma torps anyway otherwise the 1st bonus is already thrown away. Dont think that Cap cell stuff is worth it either.

Borg ftw.
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07-12-2012, 09:53 AM
i have an all plasma ship with 2 sets of level 12 plasma torpedos; an oddy operations cruiser. i can't wait to get my upgraded set to see for myself. i need 11 datalogs and should be able to get 2 today at lunch. i have really high hopes.
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10-31-2012, 07:29 AM
I posted this in the tribble forum so if you found this thread and want to give your opinion where it is likely to be seen go there.

Thank you for giving attention to the Reman set.

One thing about the Tribble changes that bugs me is that the timer on the Capacitance Cel buff icon only applies to the most recent stack. So you will see stacks drop off while there is lots of time on the clock. This is irritating and reflects badly on the design. Sorry for being harsh.

Also, the Plasma HYT that generates so much of my warm fuzzies for this set is bugging out. On about 3 of the 15 that I fired last night it reached the target, then flew slowly in space without detonating.

With the death of 3 piece borg + Shield I'm excited that other sets will come into consideration. I love this set and I want to see it be competitive with other sets and worth its own event.

I. The stacks should refresh each other.

Currently the Capacitance Cel is fighting itself and still only marginally funtional. The bonus provided by the most recent stack is subtracted by the oldest stack. I aggro'd almost a dozen ships and the highest I got was 7 procs, most of the time I had 2 or 3. 2 is the same as none, 3 is the same as 1. If they refresh you would get the "real" sp on application and keep the increased capacity to be healed into.

II. Expiration should not cut into your normal shield points.

Like, imagine if it was a life bar in a 2d fighter. You have your normal green life bar, then the capacitance cel gives you like a yellow life bar on the end of it that gets eaten through first. If you heal back up into that yellow bar you should be penalized if it expires, but it shouldn't affect the green.

I understand that this would seem to be "free" healing and potentially overpowered, but not if the stacks refresh. If they do not refresh then yes, you get a free 5% heal with every proc with no downside. But if they refresh you would actually hit the max stacks and stop getting heals.

III. Overall set competitiveness.

A. Deflector: SubD is the only notable thing on there, and that's only because it was placed so high in the skill tree. ID is not needed, 6 points gets you what you need in the skill tree. Grav Gens is ok, but on most ships the skills that benefit from Graviton Generators and Subspace Decompilers will be competing with each other for a boff slot. This is bad.

Make the Deflector fit the theme of the set: Plasma Damage and Shields. Particle Generators, Weapons Training, Shield Systems, Shield Emitters.

B. Engines: Please see this thread for what is wrong with this engine. Basically, at end game you will not have less than 50 engine power even at the lowest setting so Combat Engines have no place in an end game set.

C. Shields: This is a Covariant Capx2 and nothing else. The KHG is the other Covariant and comes with a placate and debuff built in.

First, see I and II above to make the Capacitance Cel useful. Then, remove it from the 3 piece bonus and just make it part of the shield. Compared to shields that provide resists it might be competitive then. The MACO gets a 10% resist slapped on without needing to be shot or maintain stacks. The capacity of the Reman shield needs to be enormous to make up for the lack of innate resists and bleedthrough reduction.

IV. 3 piece bonus.

Something new. More plasma and more shields? Bonus to EWP, free EWP like ability? Chance for plasma fires to do something else (subsystem disable, movement debuff, etc.)?

Or, Plasma fires heal you. So you blow your Plasma HYT at close range and get caught in the explosion for the DoT which becomes a HoT.

Or, Bonus to something (power levels, damage, targeting) while Plasma HYT is loaded and for 5 seconds after firing.

Or, leave the Capacitance Cel but buff the shield. Buff it a lot.

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