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Hello we are recruiting. If you wish to join, join a channel called 'BQC RP'. When some one is online request an invite.

When you are in the fleet contact a person with the rank 'Lieutenant Commander' or above he/she will promote you when you have chosen your field. We have 5 fields you can choose from; Medical, Science, Tactical, Security and Engineering. How ever you can choose to a little bit of all at the earlier ranks.

We RP a crew of a ship. every weekend we will do some RP. We do what allot of people may call "Lounging around". This is basically just the every day duties and leisure's you would expect on a star ship... We do how ever do combat missions and away missions for people who may get a little bored of "Lounging around".

If you have any more questions join the channel and we will do what ever we can to answer them. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.

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