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Each new event that gets added to the calender is another event that I miss out on. Right now, I'm trying to accumulate data chips for the 2409 lore accolades. "The Path to 2409" gated event is what I look forward to seeing - even though it's just one extra data chip.

As it stands, I notice that various events like the Deferi event happens mulitple times a day instead of cycling from one to the next then starting over. As it stands, 2409 has always been taking place between midnight and noon (central time) every day for almost every day ever since the Asteroid mining and Reman events were added.

Proposal: host TWO events each hour and let the players decide which they want to participate in more. Host both the Deferi and Crystalline Entity events together since they take up 3 hours. Host both Fed and KDF Mirror invasions and academy particle events together. Put the non combat events like crafting, resource gathering, and 2409 along side a combat mission like the Remans or Tholians.

Anything to condense the ever-growing calender cycle a little bit.
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07-12-2012, 08:03 AM
Right now they already condense (Klingon / Starfleet) Academy and Mirror Universe events on Tribble iirc.

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