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# 1 Feedback to game dev
07-12-2012, 11:03 AM
It was a bumpy road ending finally up into star trek online,
during my 43 years with my head in the skies, imagining the unknown,
living in fantasy and make believe, doing so trough art and emerged in
the game & media revolution, started with " pong " ending in PC of today.
When everyone else craved action, I dived into adventures, starting with
classics of infocom text adventures.

Sci-Fi always interested me, growing up watching series like moonbase alpha,
original ST and countless re-runs of old black and white movies to movies
such as 2001, close encounter and ET, made its mark.

To me Star Trek always true to the words " boldly go where no man gone before "
always very strong deep sens of ethics and morals with "out of the box" mentality.
Challenge everyone to be more than they are, always give hope where there are non.

I cant say that I'm a wandering encyclopedia of star trek,
all though watch every episode ever aired of every series, (some one to many)

to me, coming into the game was a bit of a let down,
my imagination and hope was to live the star trek life,
have a Career and indulge the explorer that is in all of us.
Enjoy the scenery that one has come to familiarize once self with.

Getting a place to live, explore and evolve it,
as you take your personalized journey to and trough the stars.
As choices in our lives defines our very being , I thought STO evolved
the MMO scene with new ways of interaction and gameplay.
I had imagine that after I defined and played trough my foundation of my
place within the univers I would enroll my unique way into starfleet
Go trough training, excelling and be appraised for my actions,
a sens of accomplishment that so important in games.
Not even an acknowledgement cgi intro welcoming me as cadet into the fleet.
So much parts missing, but as a trekkie I wanted to explore and see what
the design teams come up with, possible to visit and enjoy the scenery seen
from the movies and series.
Well, yet another let down, if they even existed they where very poorly made
only with hints of the acctual scenery that we have grown accustom to.
Even dimensions are totaly wrong.

Going trough the un-personal episodes that grows on you
aparent you see development on game devs side as they themself evolve.

As currently this is the only sci-fi game up to date that I will stick to,
I have confidence that this will either evolve to major proportions
or spawn a generation of new mmo's to let us all togather bodly take on the univers.

I will be openminded and help out as much as I can,
help to inspire the team and fellow gamers to make this journey an epic one !

Live longer and more prosper !
Erik Andersson, Sweden
Join Date: Jun 2012
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# 2
07-12-2012, 04:05 PM
Dont get me wrong, even though it might seem a bit harsh
and as I did not yet offer any solutions, tips or ideas
Going to be active in doing so over the time I spend playing with you all.

At the moment Im in the backlash of having trouble coming into the game,
so going to wait until the tidal wave subsides.

Im also streaming, hopefully I will do a show when I get the proper tech set

Showing me having trouble loggin in today

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