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04-08-2013, 05:04 AM
Originally Posted by genace87 View Post
I was happy when they came out with this, but I was disappointed as well. First it was nothing like the NX on the TV series Enterprise. Due to two things, first NX-01 Enterprise had fore and aft torpedoes, and it had fore and aft laser banks. The in game NX replica only has two fore weapon slots and one aft. If it is to be a true replica it should have two fore and two aft weapon slots. Second there isn't a custom bridge for it, like the Odyssey does. Which it should. It should have custom bridge, the bridge should look like the bridge of the NX-01 Enterprise. These are the two reason why this ship is not a replica.
Technically, you could replicate the weapons look of the NX-01 ingame:

Forward: 360 degree phaser turret + 1 photon torpedo launcher
Aft: 1 photon torpedo launcher

The original NX-01 of the pilot episode had pulse cannons (which are neatly reminiscent of the games turrets). Ofcourse, equipping the ship as above, will make the ship pretty much cannonfodder (as it should be, in the 25th Century).
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04-08-2013, 05:41 AM
I'm one of those people who firmly believe that any ship can be a T5. To me they are remakes, not ancient ships retrofitted for current use.

That said, its a $5 ship... For a level 1... If you bought it hoping to use it for a while I'm sorry to say you miscalculated...

I got mine in the bundle, else I wouldn't have wasted my time with it.
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04-08-2013, 11:05 AM
If you bought it on its own and it cost all that much money, there might be an argument. As is; consider it a nice bonus for spending $5 to build up your costuming options.

I love Enterprise, and I love the NX design. However I would feel really stupid fighting Borg STFs in an NX. I would feel completely out of place. It would ruin my sense of immersion, and RP is really the only reason I could see needing to fly around in either the NX or TOS Connie.

My immersion in this game is given enough of a jolt having feds fly around in so many off-faction ships to begin with, having people battling Borg with me in vessels that are over 100 years old would throw me right off.

This is why I suggested having STFs where only TOS and Ent era ships were playable, with a max of Mk VII equipment. Release upgrades of these ships that can compete at this level, and release TOS era ships across faction. Would be fun and would solve everyone's problem.

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