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It took me a while after the update today to download it all ( i do not use the on demand patching, it adds to my lag in Western Canada ).

I did my normal routine of logging in, collecting on duty officer missions, checking what areas I still need points for and hunting down sectors to fill it.

I noticed that I had just used the last of my quartermasters and I still could open a colony mission and try and use a " bussy " officer ( icon shows shuttle and not the normal face of the officer )
I canceled it and started working up other missions and it happened again on the second science mission ( this time from the science officer duty list )

Rather than try to exploit something in the game mechanics that has gone wrong, I made sure that all the officers were not the shuttle icon.

This has never happened before so i /bug and entered in the details.

I played on Tribble this last weekend and had an issue with the list not updating after a mission was filled in and the officers sent of to deal with it. This issue has shown up and randomly seems to remove ( or not ) the just chosen and filled in mission.
I doubt that the two are related other than the obvious something is not letting the list know what is filled in and should not be shown.
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07-12-2012, 07:32 PM
I'm having the same issue.

The recommended officers sometimes have the busy icon instead of the headpic, when I check info on them it shows they're already running an assignment.

Also the Doff interface seems to have slowed down a lot on refreshing.

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