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Originally Posted by mikewendell View Post
This is a very well known bug that has been around for at least 5 or 6 months. As noted up above selecting the rarity as well as the category of an item gives you a proper search without issue. As noted this has been the work around for many months and the suggested method of searching for most active traders. For reference mystery packages are one of the items that I trade in, have a couple thousand in my band and have sold I would guess about 200 within the last few days. (I honestly thought I was going to get stuck with them.)

I made 189m a few days ago and from chatting with other traders, buying and selling is working fine as long as you use the workaround discussed up above.

The "not getting money" concern is actually I believe coming from a single well known player sitting in ESD and bad mouthing everything and everyone he or she can think of. I;ve not seen this issue and I have yet to hear about this directly from anybody. While people have mentioned this in zone chat, it;s always been "I;ve heard..." comments without anything to back it up.

If you would like, I would suggest typing exchange into the search function and seeing the other discussion on this topic as there are at the very least 2 dozen threads on it. Sometimes searching first before posting is a good idea as all creating a duplicate toipic is spread around the discussion and creat emore work for the mods who now have to take the time to combine all these threads.

Hope that helps.

I dunno, I'm a fairly new player to the game, and I've observed the issues being discussed first-hand. Honestly, I don't do much on the exchange, but the few times I have, I've lost my items and never received any credits back, even using your "workaround".

I wsa preparing to go life member and play the game as I really enjoy it, but this, among other bugs that have come up most recently with the latest patches, have made the game far less enjoyable and frankly, I'd rather spend my money elsewhere.

Also, and I don't mean to be rude, but, can you can the attitude? People come to post on the forums because they have genuine concern for the game, and for a community that exists here. To belittle, demean, and suggest that players' issues are somehow invalid simply because you believe the issues to be nonexistent (when people do in fact witness it first hand) only serves to prevent the bug from getting the attention it deserves, and alienates players and potential players.
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not surprised to see a "Mike" comment as hes getting pretty well known on forums as the "Forum Idiot" that speaks more so like its theory out of a book rather then true in game experience.

Anyway the Exchange is still broken..badly. items not refreshing as they should. a good 50% or so of the items searched only show up in ANY QUALITY filters and items posted to the exchange have a very good possibility of not showing up at all, which created in a sense a phantom post thats not viewable to even yourself. I had several items sell and i did not receive the EC for it. the list goes on and on, but the fact remains that this is a serious issue that seems to be getting thrown under the rug by Cryptic whos more or less, more concerned with fattening their wallets then fixing serious bugs in the game..Theres still bugs that have been floating around for 2.5 years now and thats not acceptable for anyone.
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Originally Posted by mikewendell View Post
This is a very well known bug that has been around for at least 5 or 6 months. As noted up above selecting the rarity as well as the category of an item gives you a proper search without issue..
Yea duh..but thats not the case with a good amount of the items on the exchange..esp non combat things.

Also dosent explain why posted items are NOT showing up no matter WHAT filters i set.
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07-21-2012, 11:20 AM
I can confirm the exchange is broken on all the counts mentioned above with the exception of not receiving EC, that has not happened to me yet but I know people for whom it has happened and I see no reason to think they are lying. In fact I have now withdrawn all my expensive items from the exchange until it is fixed, I cannot afford to lose tens of millions of EC if this is what is happening. I have also posted a warning to the whole fleet to be careful listing valuable items that they cannot afford to lose until this mess is cleared up.

The workarounds work some of the time for some items but as already mentioned by some contributors above this is not known by the vast majority of the STO population and many players may be losing out to the more knowledgeable speculators simply because the exchange is broken. Since Season 6 the workaround works only some of the time for some items.

If this is not fixed soon there will be a swift decline in the usage of the exchange and therefore the economy of the game may collapse. I am personally surprised that Cryptic have not prioritised this issue as it is costing them real cash too. If they are working on it then at least a post from a DEV explaining what remedial course of action they are taking and the likely time-frame to a patch is required, it would then quell a lot of the frustration and annoyance that this issue is bringing players at the moment.


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It needs.... Help.... Some items will post immediately, some will post after a few hours, some will post then disappear, some won't post at all.

Also, you are unable to delete "Exchange sale expired" messages. My Inbox looks ridiculous.

It was buggy before Season Six, but something didn't agree with it, and it is now practically useless....

I realize this may not be Highest on the to do list, but with Lockboxes, and now Starbases, exchanging things between players is more important than ever, if not almost necessary.

So, please show the Exchange some tender loving care.
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07-21-2012, 02:29 PM
Agreed wholeheartedly. Though the "exchange expired" notices go away from my inbox if I delete them once I close the window. Also, I think all/most things DO post correctly, you just can't always FIND them with a search (see #1 below).

Three big things to fix:
1. Item searching needs to give the same, and complete, list regardless of how you search (rank, rarity, name, category, etc).

2. Search criterion or totally separate lists for items with Fed and KDF versions (mainly doffs and boffs).

3. Get rid of stacks of items entirely. Each item should run like the dilithium exchange. If there are 500 "ferasan nepata leaves" being offered for sale at 10,000 each in combination from 18 different sellers in varying quantities, there should be ONE line entry, saying qty: 500, cost: 10,000 EC, and sellers who posted first get bought from first. No more of this 32 entries of 1 each for 10,000, 3 entries of 3 each at 30,000, etc.

There's plenty else in terms of database searching that could be improved, but these three are the ones I see as totally and utterly broken.

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100% agree.

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... and I would be happy if I could buy and sell things reliably. A disturbing percentage of stuff available for sale cannot be bought even though it's a basic commodity like, for example, rare tac boffs a couple of days ago. PLENTIFUL and cheap and staring me in the face by the dozens. I tried to buy dozens of separate items and a wide range of price points: purchase unsuccessful. Yes, I had room, money, etc.

And I'm posting stuff I KNOW should be selling (unless the search failure is deceiving me about pricing), I've even experimented with fire sale prices! The items hang around for days and days, I modify prices if I see they are no longer competitive, no takers. I realize this could be a function of a changing economy thanks to season 6, but I suspect it's more an example of the BOFF clickfest failure I had (it's happened to other items too). Another possibility, as mentioned already, is that the search feature has melted down into a hot mess.

The little Ferengi not-so-deeply-buried inside me is virtually catatonic at this point.
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the issue that i'm having is that i'm posting this for sale that are invisible and no one can see them.

I have two tholian doffs, a fleet module and two 5,000 fleet credit bonuses.

I've had my fleet members search for the items and no one can find them. So now i'm stuck unable to make any money off of my items, and their prices are dropping, basically screwing me over.
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Originally Posted by chk231 View Post
I tried selling some environmental suits, some Ferengi Outfit Boxes, couple of other things, and they didn't show up on the exchange. I can't search for them either; fleet modules aren't searchable too. I suppose we'll have to start making a list. Something is definitely buggy. Could just be lag, but I honestly have no idea. I encountered the same issues Thursday evening.
Yeeeup. It blows massively. I have been consistently screwed over in all departments. Contraband is filling up my inventory as it's invisible when I post it. I have been trying to sell the same three Aenar Boffs for the past 4 months. I have begun mailing things to myself to conserve on space, but since most of the stuff is bound, there's no way to get around that.

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