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# 1 Wrong Vulcan-Backdrop
07-10-2012, 04:12 AM
Hey there.

Not sure, whether it is a real bug, if not, please move it to Discussion % Feedback.

I have seen that the backdrop-template of Vulcan Ground is not the characteristic red as seen in the social map, but a mere black sky without anything special. It's not useful, if one wants to create a vulcan-map.
In addition, the ground-map "vulcan-ground" has a bright blue sky, instead of a nice red. You can recognize it as Vulcan because of the buildings, but not of the sky.

A last point: The foundry doesn't have any good red-sky-template. It's impossible to create a vulcan-like-sky. The only things possible are very dark and either cloudy or foggy skys with dark reds.
Please change this, as vulcan without the red sky isn't good.

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