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# 1 Report on Nukara Prime
07-13-2012, 08:19 AM
I do really like what's going on with Nukara Prime, and the fact that it's not time gated means I'll be spending quite a bit of time there! There are a few things though that are making it difficult to complete a few tasks. Some of this is feedback, other bits are what I think are bugs. I decided to stick it here in bug reports since bugs should be the priority fix.

The first one that sticks out the most (to me) is the easy mission where you're going around and deactivating the tholian sensors. Some are not interactable by you, but to others. Example, I was teamed with a fleetmate and he could interact with some of the sensors that I could not. We both got credit for the destruction of the sensor despite only one of us being able to interact with it.

For the Hard mission in the cave where you're defending the computer console so as to destroy the ship, noticing a lot of sound drops where you won't hear your weapon firing or other various sounds that are all active once such as the Tholian's chittering or firing their own weapons. The ambience seems to be steady though.

This particular issue has come up before with other content.

Next on my list was the mining bit. I'm not clear on what nodes are supposed to be available or not, it seemed like I only came across a mineable node every so often. That is understandable given that it's a zone wide mission. What's making it a bit more difficult however is when you're mining and you're suddenly attacked by a Tholian which stops your mining. That in itself isn't a problem, but what is a bit problematic is once you've finished dealing with the Tholians your node is no longer interactable by you or anyone else. I surmise that this kind of mechanic is there perhaps to promote people playing in groups so that while one person is mining, the other(s) can watch their back and keep the Tholians off of them. Which is good as I do encourage group play, but I would see that as a complaint of those that are running around solo and attempting to mine.

The problem comes in though that you have a bunch of nodes that have been tagged with very little crystal being taken out of them that now have their respawn timer active, making it difficult to get things done. Could that be changed so that everyone has their own respawn timer on the nodes so that there's more opportunity to gather crystal?

Name the Tholians. I'd really like to see a name for the Project Lead and some different rank assignments for the Tholians. There's probably very little for official source material from CBS, but it'd be awesome to see the Tholian names for their rank structure instead of seeing "Tholian Ensign".

It'd be nice to have a named NPC for the Project Lead since it is a boss encounter and the missions on Nukara Prime are all telling a story. It helps the story if your antagonist(s) have a name.
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