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07-13-2012, 09:26 AM
I've had a long time love affair with the Kar'fi. Some of this is a re-post of stuff I've mentioned in other threads, but I like to hear myself talk so I'll say it again. I've flown this ship with all 3 captain types, first with a Sci that I couldn't keep alive, then with an Eng, then I got over my learning curve and went back to a Sci. I ran a drain build that was basically DPG (Dispersal Pattern Grief) and felt cheesy so I started to build for damage. Then I started to feel that it really deserved a Tac, and to give you an idea of how much I love this ship, I had unlocked it back in the day when you got it for free on my other two toons so I paid for it for one toon. Now I have what is probably the least survivable build I've ever run, but the most fun and probably the most damaging.

I.K.S. Sopheita
EPTS, Aux2Batt1


Fore: Phaser DBB, Phaser Array, Plasma Torpx2
Fore: Phaser Arrayx3
Borg 2pc, Reman 2pc
EPS Console, Neutronium Armor
1-4 Particle Generators/1-4 Field Emitters
2 Phaser Conseles, Borg

This is my Ludicrous Speed Setup. It's incredibly short on defense and requires micro managing cooldowns. Here's what you can get:

TSS 32s
HE 32s
PSW 32
TBR 28
PO 2m
Aux2Batt 28s
Tac Team 22s
APD 32s
BO 21s
HYT 21s

PO 1
TSS 37s
HE 37s
PSW 37s
TBR 33s
PO 2m 42s -ish, hard to tell
EPTS 37s
Tac Team 25s
APD 37s
BO 25s
HYT 25s

Aux2Batt + PO1
TSS 30
HE 30
PSW 30
TBR 22
PO 2 min
Tac Team 20
APD 30
BO 17s
HYT 17s

If you start playing with cooldowns, you'll notice the UI switches from a circling clock to a draining horizontal bar (at least it did pre-S6). This means you've slammed the cd as far down as it will go. It means that you no longer benefit from running two copies of anything, and you can benefit from running the highest copy with the same up-time. Aux2Batt cannot help with shared cooldowns. Sci Team will not come back up faster after Tac Team.

I think Aux2Batt works best on ships with different CDR/LCDR slots that don't run multiple copies of things. I think the Fleet Vorcha could be a good candidate.

Aux2Batt + PO1 is what I call Ludicrous Speed. It's really unnecessary if you look at the numbers for Aux2Batt alone. It looks like this:

Pop every boff ability except Aux2Batt and PO.
Double stack everything that comes back up.
APO, GDF, double tap BO with a wep battery
Tac Init.
Double stack.
Double tap BO with Aux2Batt for weapon power.
15 seconds later PO is back up. The ne

******n forum ate half my post. Whatever.

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07-13-2012, 01:43 PM
Half of my original post disappeared. I can't even remember most of what I wrote.

Basically, PO1 and Aux2Batt is overkill, but fun.

The beauty of Aux2Batt is that it can bring things off of cooldown. Got 6 seconds left on BO? You can have it ready right now. PO, on the other hand, actually sends everything back to the original cooldown when it wears off. If PO is going to wear off in 5 seconds and you've got 6 seconds left on the BO cooldown, BO's cooldown is actually going to get the seconds added back on when PO runs out, which is kind of a kick in the nuts.

The Reman 2 pc is almost totally for the lols. Almost. pre-tac buffed HYPlamsa for 12k, double stacked. Don't know if they're actually tougher, but they're definitely faster and watching them re-acquire a target and go hauling ass after somebody gives me the giggles. They still get shot down, though, so once the other guy is onto me it stops working.

I get popped, especially by escorts who spread the word that some bonehead is running the Reman set, I switch to this:

Fore: DBB, Arrayx2, Quantum
3pc Borg, KHG Shield
TB1, HE2, FBP2, TBR3
I usually eat the first volley to get them to commit. TB1 is for no APO, TBR3 is for APO.

I stopped running Plasmonic Leech. I don't even care about the drain, the boost is enough for me. If they nerfed the crap out of the drain I'd still load it again.

Doffs are 3 purple techicians and 2 rotating. I rotate boffs a fair bit, PO gets dropped (no Ludicrous Speed) for GW and VM as needed. BO3 gets swapped with FAW3.

Really don't have time to re-post the rest of the stuff I had about the build right now because I'm going on vacation, so my post is kind of stupid looking.

Comments, criticism, and Thai brothel references are welcome.

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