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Just started up the client tonight after playing without issue earlier. It goes from the launcher to the client as normal. Displays the Cryptic logo for a split second (before the loading bar would usually show up) and then just turns black.

The mouse is still present, it loads and logs in, and the music plays. I move the mouse around and can hear the UI beeping as normal when the mouse runs over it. But everything is black.

Nvidia GTX 560 Ti. Latest release drivers. Was working fine earlier and nothing changed.

Has anyone found a solution to this?


I see now that I am not the only one experiencing this. Here are some other threads (without solutions):

Update 1: I am able to run the game in safemode (launcher safemode). I am not able to trigger the launch to conduct a force verify.
Update 2: The game got patched, and this corrected my issue. Thanks.
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