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Psi Velorum borg encounter

After the 4 groups was killed and the Unimatrix ship appeared, the map got 2 bright glowing stripes in it.
gfx settings: Low

It looks like the glowing bug from the NWS map (like one of the first version of the NWS map on tribble)

edit: 2nd run on the Psi velorum encounter i saw that the white glowing is there from the beginning and not until the Unimatrix ship appears...

In "Alpha Centauri encounter" almost the same GFX bug but in another configuration: 1 big stripe on the bottom of the map and on small on the top.
Seems the stripes differ on sector block to sector block. o0

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07-14-2012, 05:56 AM
What the hell?! Never seen that before.

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