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# 1 Account Verification Problem
07-14-2012, 08:18 AM
Firstly, I posted this in a wrong section of the forum, sorry about that.

I have a problem with the Account Verification. As Perfect World doesn't use a confirmation email (Unless I am mistaken) I think I typed in the wrong email address, it ends in .com only instead of the correct .com.sg, and so the mistake went unnoticed. So when Cryptic released the Account Guard, I am now stuck as the email is wrong as I cannot receive the code.

Another thing, I have actually created another account using that same email address, except it was correct, ending with .com.sg. I should have remembered that email address was used.

Although I have seen some other posts that their emails suddenly changed their ending .com s, so it might not be me.

So please advice me on how to proceed, as the support page is broken with the redirecting page thing, there's already a thread about it somewhere else. Thank you.

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