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# 1 Possibly looking for a fleet
07-14-2012, 12:52 PM
I am currently a fleet of alts, and not very many. I have 2 VA and 1 commander fed officers. Tac and engi are VA and sci is commander.

With my casual playstyle and sometimes sporadic playtime, it will take way too long to develop my starbase. not to mention im getting tired of playing with myself...er by myself...hehe

What I am looking for:
A casual fleet into pvp and pve
Helpfull members and leadership(keep in mind that I will do what ever I can to contribute as well, especially with fleet base)

What I'd like to avoid.

I'm not interested in signing up to a website and have to wait to be contacted ingame.(I will if absolutly needed, and I will probably sign up to a website if i join and enjoy my time in said fleet.)
Mininmum atendance or participation restrictions.(my playtime can be quite sporadic since I have not just a PC full of games, but a PS3 full of games...lol)
DRAMA...gotta hate that stuff

The reason this thread is titled Possibly looking for a fleet is that even though I am alone in my fleet, It is my fleet(i started it) and I am a little hesitant to go from leader to just some peon redshirt. Don't get my wrong, i dont want to muscle into a leadership role, but once I prove my trustworthiness, I would like a larger role than that of a redshirt.

so that is my position. My 3 fed toons are Warren Conrad, G'raxx and Larissa all @timmyyy

I will probably just start with my tac or engi, and if things go good, I will probably bring in my alts.

respond here or ingame if you are interested in having me.

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# 2
07-14-2012, 01:51 PM
Hey mate you should check out my fleet, The Wise Guys. Send me an in game message if you like.

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