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07-16-2012, 06:04 AM
Originally Posted by dknight0001 View Post
First you do get a discount on the Fleet version for any C-Store ship you own.

Second, have you looked at the BOFF layout of the Nebulas?

Tier 3

Tier 5


The Tier 5 and Tier 3 basically have the same BOFF layout but the Tier 5 is more advanced and that's what the Fleet Nebula became.
Disclaimer:While I don't have the Fleet Nebula BOFF layout infront of me here I'm 90% sure it has the T5 Nebula layout.

I will take your word that the consoles don't work, I will take your word that Cryptic broke promises, I play KDF I'm all too familiar with broken promises.

And I'm not sure but I believe the layout your asking for does exist on other ships, with the Fleet Olympic having a Lt.Com Eng and the Fleet Nova having a Lt.Com Tac. Just without the Universal.
It does. The whole point of the nebula is that its the only science ship on the fed side with a universal console. Shifting the fleet version to having the Lt. Cmdr as its universal only increases its flexibility and does not make it OP.

Now again I bring to your attention there are TWO nebulas, both c-store..and only ONE fleet nebula. I think the fleet nebula we have now is merely the Tier 3 upgrade... as you can see how other tier 3 ships received boff station and stat upgrades in their fleet versions.

so.. im asking the FLEET version of the tier 5 be the one I asked for in my first post.

Originally Posted by mehen View Post
Ah, I stand corrected. Never use it for PvP, only heard rumors that it was "good" for it.

Although now I'm more depressed that they've given the Nebula such a massive shaft.
The shaft came shortly after the F2P patch when all science abilities were royally nerfed and the game became dps centric. A nebula used to be a really hard ship to defeat in PVP since it could, literally, hit you back with a grav well that did 1200 damage per tick (directly to hull) and you could ONLY break free of the grav well if you did evasive maneuvers or emg power to engines. Feedback pulse used to be lethal.. drain abilities would generally shut down a target quickly and pre-f2p sensor strength and the consoles did let you spot cloaked ships out to 8km range.

Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
To take advantage of nebula stealth detection you need to be science captain with sensor scan. It all stacks nicely together. But in order to see cloaked ships you would have to equip all +sensors consoles.
sensor scan only affects targets inside 5km.

so.. once again, its not really of any help for stealth detection since you already spot cloaked stuff out to 4km just by having aux above 60 base power.

Sensor strength as a stat has been broken since F2P FYI. It does not work at all for stealth detection.

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