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submited a ticket over a week ago because i cant access my old email account, its with an old service provider i had, and now i need to change it to my new email address for the verification code process i replied to one of your support team with all my details and nothing has happened i cant get in game because of the verification code

here is my original ticket 120709-000301


this is stupid, just tried chagning my email address and it asks me to login to my old account to verify, on any other site or gamesite when changing emails it normally asks you to login to your new email to verify it, not to login to your old email account.

like my ticket above states, I cant access my email address as this does not exist any more, its an old internet service provider email address.

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07-16-2012, 03:54 AM
yes just like veryone else m8. your ass is fried and they couldnt give a ****.

lots of us have been locked out and submitted a ticket about it and for the most part they havent even bothered replying to the tickets.

Hell im still locked out as well because it reverted to an old email address as well.

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