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Given the recent addition of Ferasan, and the longer term availability of Caitian as playable race, it feels like both the KDF and FED fleet base and starbase NPCs and crew rosters should include at least a few more of the cat species.

This is not in any way a pro-furry post. I just think it would perhaps be a nice touch that for example, KDF crews and NPCS wandering around the first city etc were representative of the featured races of the empire. We already have plenty of Gorn, klingons nausicans etc wandering around but few Ferasan.

On the fed side there are a few more NPC Caitian around but still feels like there should be more.

Increasing the visibility of these races within PVE and social environments helps raise their profile and will ultimately increase sales of the playable races for very little developer time.

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07-17-2012, 09:36 AM
Here I was thinking this was a thread with a plea to add furry NPCs for us to murder.

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